this is my first time to sequel I play live in the NBA really you know we were we always played I've been what are you retired so and last year it just didn't work here what you didn't play last year yeah so my first time to see van MBA uniform excited to be here yeah you got to be proud when you look out over the floor and you see him and also see everything that he's accomplished as a Finals MVP we are were immensely proud of what he's done the brand of San Diego State is basketball school we sound polite letter when we talked it's been the better team Sam obviously you don't have a Kawhi Leonard and a Fred vanvleet an OG an adult is huge which is huge on the other hand not in their defense on the other end they don't have be honest so it's bottom line to learn the gods in clay [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] you know on a season and also the season tonight to a good team in a hostile environment lotta lessons to learn tonight and they'll be back at it tomorrow night 7:00 over on the response and you have for defence testing here now [Applause] the thank you very much [Applause] [Applause] and that's gonna do it here [Applause] night of a back-to-back Toronto 6:00 a.m. Oh in for [Applause] then we have practice and fly on Thursday right welcome to the Valley of the Sun Paul Jones Sherman Hamilton Phoenix Arizona the Raptors getting set to take on the sun's and kicking off a four-game road trip and sure it's never easy coming out west and you look at the teams Phoenix kind of playing loose right now with not a lot to lose even though it's early they're young the expectations aren't high you're going to see the Lakers and LeBron it's always a challenge the back-to-back Utah's expected to be one of the best teams and then don't sleep on the Sacramento Kings who have at this point six wins already in the season so it's gonna be a pretty stiff test number oh no I got I was always like wondering what number I was gonna get but yeah I want to get seven because that's just like a was just everyone like my whole family basically like my mom my dad two sisters and three brothers just like you know just for them seven and then plus me that's eight but it's having on my back so that mentally you know I'm saying like that's kind of like my idea behind it but in I mean I'm in Toronto I mean obviously our re at seven Kyle but no Kyle had seven so I just had to find another way to like get against seven so I just I just thought it was cool you know for for all the boys and threefold you know the girls are in a family so I like that made seven and I just always know just like because people that know me know why I play the game and and the reason why you know I really give 110% every day is just you know obviously for my dad I didn't also for my family so I'm having him on my back the back of my Jersey always like meant a lot to me and it's always helped me just represent them my mom were 22 growing up so started out where since I couldn't get 23 Fred got 23 right now so it's always been my favorite number on us obviously Jordan wore a bra you know those as a kid growing up as a fan of the game is you know especially been ill annoyed 23 is is a legendary number and know something that I started wearing at a pretty young age and actually wore eight for most you know when I was allowed to I think it change around high school when there's circles on the numbers you go I used to wear eight all the time and for Kobe obviously and then I changed it to 23 I was 34 up until I got the Cleveland I got the Cleveland 34 was retired so he started going through scenarios and numbers tried to pick four lukewarm head for wasn't those no three then it was like sit down so I thought to my brother my Asian pro figure there's like a fresh start can't start nowhere you know he started zero so I take zero and it kind of stuck after days but 34 was my number for my whole life until I got the Cleveland it was pretty much because the biggest number had the biggest shorts in high school so easy 234 or daisy dukes I wear the number 14 because I believe it represents my talent where I've come from growing up it was a big deal we're done 14 and what's a football town so the varsity football coach always gave the captain of the team number 14 the leader of the team the 14 it was because of his brother who had passed away and more the number 14 and uh so whoever he thought was the leader the captain always wore number 14 so growing up you know and little leagues I played a lot of football to they would give you know the best player or the leader at the captain the quarterback I was a quarterback and I always wore number 14 you know leaving and being away from you know my hometown that kind of where that number to represent where where I come from and let people know you know I still recognizing about my hometown and that's good to do with the rafters are gonna come away with a 107 rey de a season-low and appointment the world ain't won over all linden this is been a tough spot as I mentioned in years past for the Raptors to play but defensively they were on cute their eternal serge ibaka itself stop and Ibaka's got 14 in the raptors eight dominant quarter and say lead by 20 the Raptors are going to come away with a 14-point victory 121 107 [Applause] on the run vent leak near side into the lane to a trailing an Adobe three in the air got it in the bottom of the well 40 Lowrey crosses over down the lane floats it up an end tough getting banged all the way wanted the foul didn't get it but he'll take the to Toronto cuts the lead to one see ya come in the lane floats it up and in scoring the foul he says my shop it's not done I got a chance to buy one more try its left side into the lane up fake fine-spun roll floats it up and in Maori hook it up every big guy feeding them like a drive-through window the whirling dervish Pascal siakam put sprouter on spin cycle Raptors with their biggest lead 54 48 the Raptors winning there now 10 and 1 on the season 124 to 111 just as we've said so many times already digested impressive performance starting out a little rough not getting the share of the calls grinding it out and then everybody stepping up some of the guys that have been struggling good performances that go G at Adobe and Fred vanvleet and irregular is getting it done we're about the next day the next day because we're about to what do you think about Chris Weber Kawhi Leonard just tremendous players that you have had you gotta like that guy right there he's got eight points here in the quarter it's great this is the first time I've been to a game that Kauai played in the NBA because that coached until last year and last year he didn't play so I'm excited to be here came over with the owners of the Kings on their private plane so I pull of Hartford Kauai but I've got great fondness for the Sacramento Kings too and it's fun to be here I love Kauai and I'm very proud of what Jeremy is doing also quiet reserved tough-minded committed the ultimate team player you know Kauai is not one of these guys he scores a basket and he pounds his chest and to draw attention to himself he does his job and I've coached for 50 years I've never had anyone work harder at his craft in the offseason than Co Island there's a reason that he's worried that and the level of play that he's at and it's earned it's not given it's our sizing up Sacramento it froze it down that's what I'm talking about Maddy Kauai is it quiet leader you know he doesn't say a lot these by example but I watched him even today when you know when Lara made a pass to him he not he acknowledges the other player in terms of I appreciate what you're doing and that's what that's what makes a great teammate and he is that also Kawai was part of the greatest team in the history of San Diego State his sophomore year with 34 and 3 and when we sell San Diego State now we sell you don't have to go to the biggest name in the room to get where you want to go look at one of our own Kawhi Leonard and what he's done and how he's done it he's he's unique he's family his mom and his grandmother basically raised him and he's got all the values that a parent would hope their their son or daughter would would have and the kind of person that they are I think that's the reason successes follows him everywhere he won a state championship in high school he took San Diego State to the greatest heights in the history of our program and he had done the same thing in the NBA with NBA championship in be a Finals MVP and now what all of us hope you'll be doing with you guys with the rap [Applause] Greta's exposition fullness that time you know I did not know how good this team was until Kauai went to him this year now I've watched every game and I'm impressed with your team and Kauai provides a big piece to that team but you are good Kyle Larry is a coach's dream and you put those other guys around if Danny Green I've known for a long time and so this is a team that I'll be anxious to watch and see them also grow as the season goes on and I'm very impressed first time in a franchise history that the Toronto Raptors will win all four games of a Western Conference and the Raptors will improve to a franchise best 11:00 and 1:00 and 5:00 at 1:00 on the I mean it's still early like I said we still have a lot of potential I think you know we could be confident about where we are but you know we still have no sort of fear in this I know that guys could be this teams could be this and just have the mindset of wanting to get better cuz this is table we want to do oh not me I'm just talking over the team you know we want to be the best team [Applause] you