For all those out there who believe it tight belly and six-packs abs are just a dream that will never come true We are here to tell you that you are terribly wrong. Have you heard of the plank and its incredible effects? Even though it is a static exercise the effectiveness of the plank should never be underestimated This exercise actually engages a lot more muscles than crunches and it mainly focuses on the upper body While holding the plank position the corset muscles are largely exerted and This will make you sweat much harder than after making a hundred crunches during the plank the muscles are constantly tense and this boosts the strength and stamina in the shorter time period The following 21-day plank challenge will literally transform your body week 1 During the first week. You should make the plank position for 30 seconds and Gradually increase to a minute weak to hold the plank for 30 more seconds during the second week week 3 start with 90 seconds and gradually increase the time to 120 in the last days of the challenge the one set in the morning and another in the evening as Soon as you start this challenge, you will experience amazing improvements Your body posture will significantly improve It will lower the risk of back and spine injury the plank will define the core and boost your performance It will boost your flexibility. It will enhance your overall balance The plank will boost your metabolism It will release tension and stress and improve your mood. So what are you waiting for? Tomorrow is too late start today Thanks for watching the video and don’t forget to do us three favors Hit the like button share this video and click subscribe to stay with health PDF