Howdy. Ando here from Happy Life Martial
Arts. You’re tired, you’re sore, you’re busy, you just don’t feel like it. There
are so many excuses to skip a workout. But then what happens? You feel like a
loser. You swear you’ll make it up tomorrow, but then you don’t. Now you hate
yourself and you’re thinking about giving up on your goals altogether.
Stop it! Stop torturing yourself. I figured out how to get results even on
the days when I don’t feel like doing anything. It all comes down to one move–
one secret move. Here it is. All you do is– Hilarious. All right.
The secret move to getting results even on your worst day is any move you choose
to do! A push-up, a squat, a punch, a kick, pick up a rock over your head, I don’t
care, just do something! Now here’s the trick– let’s say you choose to do one
push-up. Hey, way to go champ. I knew you could do it. If you stop right
there, hey, that’s better than nothing. But I’ll bet you don’t stop. That would be
like eating one chicken wing or one bite of pie. Ain’t gonna happen.
So you do two, you do three, you do– hey, one rep suddenly turned into one set.
You’re working out, my friend. Another example. Let’s say you choose to throw an
uppercut. Shabam! Alright. Well, if you’re anything like me you immediately
feel, “Yikes I could do that better. Let me see
if I can fix that.” Nope. Now I feel weird that I’m only
throwing punches with one hand, so of course, I’m gonna do the same number on
the other hand. Shabam! Shabam! See what happened? I’m having fun.
I’m working out again. Here’s another tip. If you find yourself skipping workouts a
lot, try to get your workout done first thing in the morning. I mean as soon as
you wake up. If you keep telling yourself you’re gonna do it later, there’s a good
chance you won’t, right? So when you’re feeling sick or tired
busy or lazy, pick one thing first thing. That way no matter what happens or
doesn’t happen the rest of the day, at least you know you accomplished
something. The idea is simple– the hardest part of any work is getting started. But
once you break through that first rep, you’ll build the momentum to keep going. So get to the gym, go to class, get up off the couch. You don’t need a plan, a
workout of the day, a routine, or the pressure to break a world record.
Just promise yourself that you’ll do that one move at least one time. Give
yourself at least one chance to remember how good it feels to work out. If you
promise yourself to always do at least one move, I promise you– you’ll always get
results even on your worst day. If you liked this video, thanks for giving it a
thumbs up and maybe sharing with a friend. Until next time, do something. Do
anything! And keep fighting for a happy life.