(upbeat techno music) – What’s up, Elite THENX
athletes, It’s Chris Heria. Welcome to another
video of official THENX. Today, I’m gonna be showing
you guys one exercise that’s gonna change your life, the same way it changed mine. Basically, this exercise
is the gateway exercise, that’s really gonna start taking your training to a whole new level. With this exercise, you’re building a whole new
mind-body-muscle connection, as well as learning a full body connection compound movement skill set. And that exercise is the Muscle Up. When you’re performing a Muscle Up, you’re doing a compound movement, that’s working the entire upper body. Incorporated with explosive
strength, extreme control, and utilization of antagonist muscles. Which means you’re gonna be pulling and pushing to complete this exercise. While you’re performing this exercise, you are firing up your abs like crazy. Your lats, your shoulders,
triceps, forearms, biceps. Your chest, lower back, hip flexors, the list goes on and on. This is why this one
exercise is definitely gonna change your life in so many ways. It’s gonna change your work ethic. It’s gonna change how you train. It’s gonna drastically
increase your strength, your skills, your
explosiveness, your control, and most importantly it’s gonna teach you how to utilize all your muscles together, and to perform a lot more harder, more advanced, exercises. For example, once you start learning the Muscle Up and you start incorporating
it into your workout regimen, next you’re gonna start
doing Explosive Muscle Ups, Back Clap Muscle Ups, 360 Muscle Ups, start free styling on the bar. The great thing about calisthenics is that a lot of techniques and skills that you learn from other moves is gonna transfer into the next harder progressions and exercises that you’re
gonna learn in the future which will in turn change your life. A lot of you ask me, how did you get to being able to do One-Arm Pull Ups, Muscle Ups, Handstands, Full Planche and so forth, and it’s all about staying
in that progressional state and working towards
these certain exercises. You can dead lift, bench, curl in the gym for years and years and years, you’re never gonna learn these exercises, which is exactly why this
exercise is the gateway movement to start changing your life, to start changing the way you train, start to completely change your physique, your strength, your skill set, the way that you actually see
fitness and true strength, and most importantly, it’s gonna change the way
that you motivate yourself. When I was first learning the Muscle Up, there was one thing that clicked in me that changed my life forever, and that was mentally thinking
that something is impossible, and then achieving that
thing that’s impossible, and now realizing that
the things that you think that were impossible are
actually quite possible. And all it takes is hard
work and consistency. And the most important thing to remember is that it’s not practice
that makes perfect. It’s perfect practice that makes perfect. You can try to do a Muscle Up for years, but the moment you start
training the right progressions, you’re able to do the
right requirements properly and comfortably, then you’re gonna start
seeing some major progress, and that thing that
seemed impossible is going to start to seem like, hey, you know what? Maybe I can do this. So once I started
incorporating perfect practice, that means trying to practice perfectly, I started making progress, and I started actually getting
closer to that Muscle Up, and I eventually was able to do one. And that simple accomplishment, just being able to do it, let alone the skills and the gains that you get from continuously doing them, just being able to do it was enough to motivate me to where I am here today. So I’m gonna show you
guys how to start learning how to Muscle Up, from the very beginning. Now before we begin to learn
the steps on how to muscle up, we first must be able to pass the requirements
comfortably and properly. And those requirements
are gonna be at least 15 Pull Ups. Keep in mind all these exercises need to be with perfect form. At least 15 pull ups, properly. Next requirement is
gonna be an L Sit Hold, for at least 20 seconds. And the next requirement you’re gonna need is Straight Bar Dips, at least 25 in a row. You need that high number because you need to be really solid with that push. Imagine, if your pulling is on lock, your pushing is on lock, then the Muscle Up is
gonna be a piece of cake. And all you really need
to focus on is technique. Which is gonna bring us
to that last requirement, which is L Sit Pull Ups. This is gonna help a lot, you’ll start feeling
that muscle connection between pulling and your core, so you wanna be able to do at
least seven with perfect form, and if you feel like you can’t
reach those requirements yet, then you need to go back, practice, and master those exercises. Now, over the course of many years, I’ve taught literally hundreds of people, in person, how to Muscle Up. And from all those experiences, I’ve been able to break down the Muscle Up into basically three steps. If you can master these three steps, you’re gonna be doing Muscle
Ups right after this video. So the first step I wanna show you guys is something I like to
call the magic button. So we’re gonna take a
little resistance band and it can literally be anything, we’re just gonna mark
the floor, right here. Gonna put this on the floor. Now we’re gonna grab the
bar, shoulder width apart. Slight of an over grip. And you wanna be able to
walk out from your tiptoes, to where you’re just hanging
on by the tip of your toes. We’re gonna start with out
dominant foot on the ground, and one leg is gonna be able
to swing back and forth. Now with my right foot, I’m pushing on the ball of my foot, so my heel is off the ground and that’s actually pushing me
back so I can stay in place. So, we’re gonna be in
this position right here, and the opposing foot that’s free, we’re gonna have it
pulled back, like this. So, we’re gonna have
this foot come straight. Not up and down. It’s gonna go straight, pass these bars. Pass your body straight and once it gets to that marker, it’s gonna go straight down. Having this straight down motion is gonna give your body this type of momentum. So, the better you come in, it’s all about timing, the better you come in
to the magic button, the stronger of a momentum
you’re gonna have, it’s gonna be spring that’s
gonna launch you back up. Now if you guys have ever seen
me do Explosive Muscle Ups, I already know how high I’m gonna go, depending on how perfect I
go into this magic button. I’m gonna give you guys a little example. (upbeat music) So you see, a lot of power stems from that magic button right here. So you guys wanna master
this movement right here. If you notice right here
when I’m doing this, my feet are always in front of my body. Never go behind your
body, ever, ever, ever. That’s gonna completely
eliminate your momentum and this is literally gonna
stop you from going up. With this magic button, you’ll eventually be able to push the magic button back, back, back, until it’s closer to your body, and you have less of the magic button. Less than you’re doing it from here. Eventually, you don’t
need to swing anymore and you just pull straight up. Alright, so once you’ve been
able to master this move, the next move I have for you guys is called the L Sit Pull Back. This move is gonna stem directly
off of the magic button. The ending position of the magic button is actually gonna be the starting position of the L Sit Pull Back. And this is when we’re gonna start to be using a bit of momentum, but it’s gonna be controlled momentum, and eventually we’re gonna eliminate it, so that we are actually doing
them strict and properly. Alright, so let’s go right
into this L Sit Pull Back. We’re gonna start with
the shoulder width grip. Slightly of an over grip. You wanna hold and squeeze
as tight as you can. Remember we’re gonna go
straight into that magic button and as soon as we feel that dip, you’re gonna feel a second
of forward momentum. Then you’re gonna feel a stop, and then you’re gonna feel the energy start to pick back up and
start to pull yourself back. As soon as you feel that energy
start to pull yourself back, is when you’re gonna begin
to go up into an L Sit. Don’t go any higher, don’t go any lower. Exactly 90 degrees and going
right into that 90 degrees and stopping is gonna
give you that little pump to reach even higher than you normally do when you’re pulling up on that bar. So keeping all of that in mind, let me show you guys what that looks like. Here we go. (steady techno music) Now when you first try this exercise, you may not go that high, you might be doing little
pumps, something like this. But eventually, you’re
gonna work on this move, you’re gonna master this move. You’re gonna master the timing
and once your legs come up, and then when your legs come back down, and it should look like this. (upbeat techno music) And you can basically see, where I’m basically right at the top of where that Muscle Up should be. Which is gonna bring us to the third step. And if you’ve mastered
these first two steps, then you’ve basically
already done the Muscle Up, the last step is literally
to lay over the bar, and this is gonna stem
from the peak position of step two, the L Sit Pull Back, when you’re at the top, top, top, your highest point is when
you’re gonna pull that bar as close to your body as possible and you’re gonna kind of
lean forward onto the bar literally like you’re trying
to lay on top of the bar. And I’ve seen a lot of
people go high enough, literally if you can
pass your nipple line, then you are definitely capable of being able to execute a Muscle Up. The problem is, is that
people get up to this point and they lean a little bit and then (grunt) they come back down. They completely give up. I can’t stress it enough,
you need to lean hard. Lean forward like you’re gonna
lay down on top of the bar. Once people finally commit
to that concept, you see, (snap) they start doing Muscle
Ups like this, in a second. So in the L Sit Pull Backs, we’re doing more of like a Lat Swing Pull. We’re kind of swinging
further away from the bar but now when you do the L Sit Pull Back, I actually want you to
incorporate a Pull Up into it so that you’re
not swinging too far away. You’re keeping the bar actually as close to your body as possible. So from this position
you’re gonna swing up, bring your legs up, and you’re actually gonna try to start pulling the bar to your stomach. So instead of doing this, You’re gonna go, boom, right to the stomach. As soon as you feel like
you’ve got the closest part to your stomach you’re
gonna just immediately start leaning over and
collapsing your body like a book. Let me show you guys what
that looks like, alright. (techno music) So as you can see I left my feet there. And I let my body forward. Once I’m already on the top, then I can put my feet back down, and to get back down we do it again, you go through the same motion, back to the magic button. Lean forward. Lean forward. And if you practice
your straight bar dips, boom. That’s a wrap right there. (intense techno music) And that is basically how you learn your very first Muscle Up. You really wanna make sure that you guys are leaning forward, you can practice this while
you’re doing Straight Bar Dips. Try to lean as forward as possible. You’re gonna condition yourself to always being on top of the bar and it’s gonna make
this transition a whole lot quicker, smoother, and easier. The next thing you wanna do is really start making these Muscle
Ups as strict as possible. This is gonna tremendously increase your explosive power, your strength, and your overall physique and skills. And soon you’ll be incorporating the same strength and skills into other exercises. And the rest will be history, you guys will be doing Handstands, Handstand Push ups, Full Planche pushups, and so forth in no time. And you’ll still be doing Muscle Ups, because I still do muscle ups and incorporate them in my weekly regimen. Weighted Muscle Ups,
Closed Grip Muscle Ups, Wide Grip Muscle Ups,
Explosive Muscle Ups, 360 Muscle Ups, and so forth. It doesn’t end here, this
is only just the beginning. So, once you guys are able to master your first Muscle Up, you wanna start bringing that magic button a little bit closer, start using less of the magic button. A little bit closer, start
using less of momentum, until eventually, you’re not
using the magic button at all, and you’re pulling straight up. (techno music) Alright guys, so, if you followed along
this whole entire video, you’re able to pass requirements, you still feel like
there’s a tiny bit more that you could be working on, to really execute this move, here’s a couple tips for you guys. Now like I always tell you guys, if you guys are struggling
with the concentric part of a movement, the positive
motion of that movement, then the number one
thing you need to do is work on the negative, the
eccentric form of that movement, so doing Negative Muscle
Ups is literally one of the best things that you can be doing, for extra credit, to help
you achieve the Muscle Up. When you’re going through
the negative motion, you’re actually gonna
be able to put your body into every position of the muscle up without actually having
been able to do one, so you’re gonna get really
comfortable with these positions, you’re gonna develop your muscles to being in these positions, it’s gonna come a whole lot easier. And another major key tip
that help me achieve my strict form Muscle Up is
Explosive Pull Up training, specifically these two exercises. Explosive L Sit Pull Ups, and I would sit on the
ground in an L sit position and from dead hang,
just completely relaxed, I would try to explode as hard as I can and try to literally get my
lap to the top of the bar. And the last tip I have
for you guys is to start incorporating Weighted Pull Ups and Weighted Straight Bar dips. Obviously if you get
comfortable doing an exercise with extra weight on you, then when you take off that extra weight, the same exercise is
literally gonna be a breeze, you’re gonna be flying through them. So with these requirements, these steps for the
Muscle Ups and these tips, you guys should be able to do a Muscle Up with perfect forms, strict Muscle Ups, eventually, no excuses. So, with that said thank you
guys so much for watching. I really hope that you guys
achieve your first Muscle Up. If you do, let us know. And for more work outs, just like this, that are gonna have you
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