Welcome to the Omega Healthcare story. Like many successful businesses, Omega started
out as just an idea… and a challenge.
It all began when Omega’s Co-founders, Gopi Natarajan and Anurag Mehta, realized the challenges
that faced the healthcare revenue cycle industry, and decided to do something about it.
Successfully combining their more than 50 years of experience in the healthcare industry,
they understood the challenge and took it head-on.
Today, Omega Healthcare continually reinforces its position as THE leading offshore partner
to revenue cycle management companies. Omega’s operations are headquartered in
Bangalore, India with other centres in Chennai and Trichy…and we continue to expand in
these cities and more. Another centre in the Philippines offers its clients specialised
services, better suited for delivery out of Manila.
All Omega facilities offer their employees a world-class ambience. The most important differentiator of our company is the fact that we don’t compete with our
clients and what I mean by that is we are a wholesale type of company as opposed to
a retail. We don’t sell directly to hospitals, we don’t sell directly to physician groups
and every one of our competitors does. I think that’s a very important aspect of what makes
Omega so much different. I think another thing that is also different
is that both my business partner Gopi Natarajan and I we founded this company back in 2003
and both of us prior to starting this company both of us sat in the shoes of our clients.
We both ran billing companies. We have been around for many years now we have actually
catapulted into the No. 1 position. We are more than double the size of our closest competitor
in size and this is in healthcare revenue cycle. We have invested millions of dollars in our IT and Security infrastructure, which is unparalleled
in the healthcare industry, and connectivity to all of Omega’s clients is continuously
monitored 24×7. We have the latest fire control systems installed
throughout the buildings. When Anurag and I founded Omega … We laid down a few norms for how we would
go about building the business. Over the last decade, this Omega ‘Philosophy’
has worked extremely well for us. Firstly,
like many businesses do, we were very keen to build our reputation around very satisfied clients
and highly motivated employees. In the strictly-governed healthcare industry this actually meant closely-monitoring quality parameters… And setting up special safeguards to protect PHI…and doing all of this again and again
24/7! From the beginning, we were firm that we would
trade none of these in the pursuit of ‘GROWTH’. Today this obsession with PERFECTION has become
part of our DNA … It’s called THE OMEGA DNA!
And it has resulted in enduring client confidence in Omega,
thanks to which, we have expanded at an unrivalled pace. At Omega we take HIPAA compliance, PHI, and security very seriously, and all of our employees
go through extensive training in each of these areas.
Not only are we fully HIPAA-compliant but we have also received ISO certification for
both ‘process’ and ‘infrastructure’. All visitors and employees entering our facilities
are checked thoroughly and NO digital or magnetic equipment is allowed inside, unless approved
by senior management. Access to all facilities is controlled by
a dual mechanism of card access and fingerprint-based biometric access.
And hundreds of closed circuit surveillance cameras are continuously monitored in our
Building Management security rooms. Cell phone usage on ANY production floor is
expressly prohibited. We follow the industry’s best practices
on Business Continuity Management, and then added a couple of innovative ideas of our
own. Multiple Omega facilities across different
cities act as back-ups to each other, providing uninterrupted workflow to clients in the event
of a disaster, so they can feel comfortable in single-sourcing their needs.
We have built in redundancy in our IT infrastructure. We perform annual Business Continuity testing
for critical processes and infrastructure… And even keep an eye on the weatherman!
Security is of paramount importance at Omega. A robust Compliance and Certification program
ensures the integrity of the information we handle, by protecting them from unauthorized access. Omega complies with applicable US state and
federal regulations, including HIPAA and HITECH. In addition, Omega is ISO certified in Quality
Management, Information Security Management, Business Continuity Management, and SSAE standards. We have taken the appropriate steps to encrypt
our equipment, to ensure data integrity. Our senior management team in India has a
tremendous amount of experience not only on the operational aspects of the business but
also on the US healthcare domain. The word “Healthcare” is in the company name itself
– it’s the only industry we serve and what we do best. Omega Healthcare is the single largest employer
of medical coders in the world and our proficiency in both physician and facility coding (inpatient
and outpatient) enables us to adhere to a high accuracy standard of over 95%, along
with strict turnaround times And Omega has invested in the continued certification
of an increased number of our Coders including AAPC and AHIMA certification.
Our data entry staff is not only lightning-fast but their accuracy is also extremely high.
Our telephone-based staff goes through extensive training not only in the healthcare revenue
cycle domain but they also are provided with essential voice and accent training to minimize
any issues with the insurance companies or even with patients. With continuous expansion in mind and enhancing our scope of services,
Omega launched an office in Manila, Philippines… to leverage the unique skill sets available in that country…
and make the most of an in-between time zone. Thanks to a dedicated and experienced team
in Manila, we have achieved remarkable success with patient-calling services, that has
actually led to a phenomenal growth in just a matter of months. Omega derives its operational strength from the proven Omega Quality System that offers
Lean or Six Sigma Training, along with various Continuous Improvement projects.
Our Service Quality scores are incredibly important to us and we listen intently to
our customer feedback Since only the best-of-the-best in Omega get
to perform the Quality Assurance work, clients are impressed with the consistent results we deliver. WFM – a sophisticated forecasting, staffing
and scheduling process helps to control workflow and maximizes operational efficiencies.
Advanced Operation Analytics and Business Intelligence improves our decision-making
and process re-engineering helps to balance our business better. As far as human resources go, at Omega, we invest in People as we always have. This core principle is one of the main reasons
we attract some of the best talent in the industry. New Omega employees completely feel at home in the warm and happy environment we offer that is more
like being in a family than in a job. It’s called THE OMEGA FAMILY!
Essentially, it is because we truly value them, we do everything in our power to HELP
THEM GROW We continue to invest heavily into Learning
and Development of our employees which helps us groom them for their continuous growth, resulting in more satisfied employees. Another pioneering move we did, the
“OMEGA MEDICAL CODING ACADEMY”, put us way ahead of competition. Leveraging our expertise in coding and excellent
training credentials, OMCA was actually initially set up in Chennai…
And then it expanded to Trichy and Bangalore as well. Omega’s Human Resource teams use a robust manpower planning and evaluation methodology,
and are generally able to forecast manpower requirements months ahead of time.
We have been recruiting and hiring hundreds of employees every month and have the capability
of ramping up to this number without compromising on our quality – it is our Number One focus.
The fact that so many people are willing to consider Omega as their employer of choice
has much to do with our culture and how we treat our employees.
At Omega, we offer fantastic employee benefits including an in-house physician service, catered
meals and snacks, health insurance coverage and a highly-subsidised door-to-door transportation
service for night shift employees. The popularity of employment at Omega Healthcare
is evidenced by the fact that roughly 60% of our recruitment is happening via internal
referrals! In addition to our normal recruitment process,
every day, we have hundreds of walk-in applicants visit our offices for interviews.
We follow the latest HR best practices to improve the employee experience and loyalty
including Mentoring, Employee Surveys, Rewards & Recognition programs and more.
Our Corporate Values are strongly emphasized and strictly enforced.
Unique to our industry, Omega Healthcare has invested heavily in a Learning & Development
program in each of our operation centres. This scientific capability development framework
is designed to nurture the future leaders of our organization and to bridge knowledge
gaps via intelligent training and certification. It offers continuous learning, best-in-class
infrastructure, content, and delivery and support for certification programs.
We take a tremendous amount of pride in our client satisfaction and retention. Our growth
through the years has come through our stellar reputation. Our customer satisfaction ratings
and referrals are the cornerstone of our success. We take pride in the fact that we are sole-sourced
in the majority of our clients. Omega Healthcare offers its clients many compelling
reasons to choose us and to stay with us. While it’s crucial that we continue to be
a cost effective solution for our clients, it is our ability to ramp up quickly and effectively,
never losing sight of quality, and catering to our client’s needs that sets us apart
in the industry. At Omega, we do not compete with our clients
like the majority of our competitors do. Instead, we support them in their growth without the
worry of where and how they will find the right people. That is our job and what we do best. Please take a moment to listen to one of our clients So recently we did a vendor selection, travelled all over the world Started in India, went to Sri Lanka, went to the Caribbean and what stood out to me was Omega’s focus on infrastructure. So project management organizations and start up processes, techniques like Lean and Six Sigma to their online education for the staff allows us to have the ability to take our information that we have, put that overseas educate our employees and have the confidence that they will be able to perform just like ours in the true sense what I think stands out about Omega… honestly.. is the partnership.. I have a tight relationship with the CEO, the President, the Managing Partners, the people on the floor I know their names, you guys are willing to take our feedback and adapt your processes to it So its not like an outsourcing, it’s like having an extended team…overseas You’re not losing control, you’re working with someone that actually cares about what you are looking for what your outcomes….what outcomes you need and Omega does that for us..