In 2012 Octane moved cardio in a new direction,
with the break through LateralX. We wanted to better train for the lateral
movements we experience so often in everyday life. Whether it’s getting out of your car, playing
with the kids, or preparing for game day… The LateralX is the innovation you need. The 3D movement goes forward and back, side
to side, and up and down… which targets hard to reach muscle groups
to sculpt your lower body. This hits muscles you haven’t felt before. Like all Octane’s, the LateralX has a smooth
natural feel. But this is the only Octane that moves side
to side. With 10 different stride widths,
begin with a stepping type motion for minimal lateral movement …
for more of a challenge, gradually
increase to a wide lateral motion at level 10. This adjustability ensures a perfect fit for
every user, and allows for maximum comfort and variation throughout the workout. The upper body motion on the LateralX is similar
to that of other Octanes. The converging path motion maximizes comfort
by creating a natural motion, meant to mimic your shoulder joint. This is a great compliment to the side to
side pedal motion. The multigrip handlebars have stride and resistance
controls directly at the finger tips, making it easy and comfortable to control
your workout. While a small change of hand position,
will target different upper body muscles. Like all Octanes, the LateralX also has superior
electronics and signature programming. The Workout Boosters on the LateralX are a
favorite among all users. Thigh Toner and Quad Power boosters add intense
intervals to any program. Thigh toner increases width, as speed increases,
…while Quad Power will also add resistance. As for signature programs,
Check out the 30:30 and MMA program videos to learn
why Personal trainers love them, … how members qualify their success with them,
… and how they can be the cornerstone to increase
membership sales. But to truly maximize the versatility of your
LateralX, you need CROSS CiRCUIT. This kit will transform your LateralX into
a small functional training zone. Launch small group classes with strength and
cardio on one machine. Increase personal training revenue and member
retention with the most innovative cardio machine in the world. The options with CROSS CiRCUIT on the LateralX
are endless. We offer a variety of entertainment options
too. The LateralX Touchscreen really brings programs
to life. Programs are enhanced with on-screen videos, and the screen allows for visibility of both
workout stats and entertainment simultaneously. Users can charge and view iPhone content,
and additional features like, on demand tv and music videos, are just a click away with
the NetPulse gateway. If this doesn’t suit your needs, we also offer
personal viewing screens, or 900 megahertz compatibility. The LateralX was designed for all types of
users, whether athletic development,
cardio endurance training, or weight loss. If your looking for the newest innovation
in cardio, and want to stand apart from every other facility… the LateralX is the answer.