Welcome to octane fitness. Here at octane we focus on one thing, zero
impact cardio. Because of this focus we do it better and anyone else. W e have
four categories a cardio machines. Standing, Recumbent, Lateral and the Zero Runner. if you’re looking for
the elliptical that started it all check out the award-winning Q-Series
collection of standing ellipticals. The Q Series
ellipticals have the smoothest, best feeling motion
in the industry. and octane exclusive features and
programming like the xMode, smart stride, and the
cross circuit. they are sure to give you the results that
you expect. if you’re looking for the same machine
that you find in the gym we offer our commercial models too, with
the pro 4700 and the pro 3700 models. For the user
looking for comfort and results check out the xRide. These recumbent
ellipticals offer a custom fit with an elliptical pedal
motion that burns more calories. The xRide is the best workout you can get sitting down. If you’re looking for the
hottest thing in health clubs today check out the innovative LateralX. Octane’s best-selling commercial elliptical, moves
front to back and side to side see you can sculpt more
muscles and achieve results faster. Move home
fitness in a new direction with the LateralX. A nd the options
don’t stop there once again Octane has created a new
category in cardio first-of-its-kind, the Zero Runner. A zero-i mpact running experience unlike any other
machine in the world Run smarter. Use all the same muscles as
you do while running but don’t take the daily pounding of the
road or the treadmill. Train. Recover. Build strength and
endurance with is the Zero Runner. Go zero impact and run for the rest of your
life. So which octane will get you fueled?