We’re going to talk about nutrition as I see some of you guys peeling out your bars and your shakes and stuff. I think it’s kind of appropriately and strategically placed right before lunch. Coach Glassman—our owner and founder—in 2002, wrote in his seminal article, “What Is Fittness?” gave an illustration for where nutrition’s role is within a fitness program and he used this pyramid here. And this is the theoretical hierarchy for the development of an athlete. At the top of the pyramid he said, “If we have an athlete and they have their specific sport…” For instance, I used to be a baseball player. For me that would be the act of me throwing a baseball. Beneath that—in order to support that sport—I would need to have the ability to weightlift and throw. So imagine before I could throw a ball 95 miles and hour, 60 feet, 6 inches and put it where I wanted it to be I would first have to be able to take a big ball and be able to hit a ten foot target. And then underneath that, before I could start adding external weight and loading I would have to have a basic capacity for gymnastics. Just controlling my own bodyweight in space. Before I load myself up. Before I start doing my back squat I gotta first have the capacity to air squat. Of course, to be able to do gymnastics and manipulate your own body through space you have to have a good energy delivery system in your body or some state of metabolic conditioning. There has to be an engine to deliver the fuel. What do you put into an engine? You put in fuel. You put in what we refer to as nutrition. Nutrition provides the fuel for all of life’s processes. The really cool thing about the two biggest factors that you have to buffer yourself and your athletes against chronic diseases. Diseases like heart disease, Alzheimers, cancer, diabetes. Is exercise, number one. But also diet. And guess what? It’s completely within your control. The same way that we measure our workouts to determine what workout program best supports our fitness or our work capacity across broad time and modal domains. We could take that same clinical approach to nutrition and we can determine what diet best supports your fitness. Or whatever health marker you are looking to benefit. Our exercise program, combined with our nutrition protocol is your greatest buffer your greatest defense against 70% of the deaths that happen in our society, from these chronic diseases.