hi Satya I’m you 10 years later at the age of 26 I’ve hopped into a DeLorean traveled back in time just so I could share this message with you before I continue this video as if I were talking to myself let me first give you a brief introduction when I was younger my food choices they weren’t congruent with a life I wanted to live at times I couldn’t have cared less about what I ate and at other times I had a very unhealthy relationship with food so if there was a way that today I could somehow speak to my younger self these are the things I would tell her I love you yep I’m starting with a cheesiest one first because seriously how is it you can say I love you so easily to your parents sister partner in pet but you can’t say it to yourself you don’t need to be so hard on yourself so offer yourself some compassion do your best and let go of the rest and remember to have loads of fun in the process self-sabotage gets you nowhere but self compassion now that’s the stuff dreams are made of you’re always thinking that eating healthy means it’s gonna be super complicated and that you’re gonna have to spend hours in the kitchen but let me tell you right now that is the furthest thing from the truth no need to go all gourmet simple is still so delicious so let’s uncomplicated just add more fruits veggies grains legumes nuts and seeds to your meals and snacks seriously it is that simple I know it’s hard to find balance when you feel like there’s information being thrown at you from every direction and it’s normal to be affected or influenced in some way by friends or social media as much as you try not to be but try to stay strong and true to yourself finding balance means you’re gonna need to avoid being persuaded by the extremes like those detox cleanses or diets or focusing on numbers instead eat well most of the time stay relatively active and be consistent the key is consistency not perfection so enjoy that green smoothie and that dessert and everything in between all without guilt I’ll admit that finding balance takes time but you’ve got your whole life seriously what’s the rush eat with others as often as you can it makes meal times so much more pleasurable and although it can’t always be avoided you’ll quickly learn that eating behind a desk computer or TV is no way to enjoy a meal you think you don’t like it now but one day you are going to fall in love with eating fruit so you may as well start experimenting today if you cut up that orange before you put it into your bag you’ll be more likely to eat it actually the same goes for all fruit so just prep it in advance and enjoy it throughout the day speaking of prep a little prep goes a long way and wow you used to eat out at restaurants a lot I wonder how much more traveling we could have afforded if we ate at home more often but it’s okay though live and learn right so let’s get in the habit of batch cooking ingredients like rice lentils hummus or granola on the weekends so you can throw together wholesome meals really quickly throughout the week can I kindly request that you stop saying you should do something and start saying you could do something this turns it into an option and less of a demand commanding yourself to do something brings out that little rebel in you and boy can you retaliate so it’s not that we should eat more veggies it’s that we could eat more veggies take it from me if you give yourself the option as opposed to demanding yourself to do it you’ll be more likely to actually do it [Music] when you go a long time without eating that’s when you tend to get cranky or overeat try to have a small snack if you know this is going to happen if you’re feeling a bit emotional find someone to talk to it’s okay to eat when you’re sad but don’t eat because you’re sad it really isn’t going to help you’re blessed to have friends and family so lean on them okay we don’t need to be embarrassed to talk about this one what goes in must come out right so if you want trips to the toilet to run more smoothly there’s three things you’re gonna need to consider number one is food your diet is predominantly cafeteria food fries chips and chocolate you haven’t had fruit or veggies in weeks and probably no probiotic containing foods either number two water you hardly drink any and number three exercise you’ve been sitting and studying for your exams all week when was the last time you got some activity even if it was just a walk so if you want more regular and comfortable trips to the washroom you’re just gonna need to up that fiber and probiotic intake drink some more water and move that body of it my friend this is something you’re gonna be trying to improve for a long time I’ll give you an a-plus for effort eventually you’ll find the simplest solution was the best carry a small water bottle with you at all times but water aside you can also get your fluids in other ways like tea smoothies plant milks or even decaffeinated coffee Zoar soups and the like don’t take any offense with this one because I can guarantee you will get better at it in the future but Wow the food you make is pretty bland I know it can be intimidating at first not knowing which ones to combine and how much to use but you know what they say practice makes perfect I’ll let you in on a little secret in the future you’re gonna specialize in nutrition so I’m just gonna teach you this one now spices are pretty much like supplements in powder form they are loaded with antioxidants and vitamins and minerals in addition to making your food taste better of course in a few years you’re also gonna make the decision to become plant-based and no rush with this one it’ll come to you when it feels right I just wanted to give you a bit of a heads up for when this happens some people are going to judge you or question you for becoming a vegan and especially in the beginning you’re gonna feel really uncertain and unconfident and sometimes you’re even gonna want to give up but stay strong and know that in time you’ll gather enough information to be able to explain your reasons well enough if you don’t feel confident about it yet don’t worry you will confidence is like a muscle it just needs to be exercised so trust it in time you will feel more self-assured but for now just stick with doing what feels right and stay true to yourself create a vision board I can guarantee that when you do it’s gonna change your world you’re gonna reflect back a year later and you won’t believe how far you’ve come envisioning where you want to be in health and in wellness is probably the single most important tip aside from offering yourself compassion that I can give so envision envision envision I know 15 tips is a lot to throw at you at once but don’t worry you’ve got your whole lifetime to work on it just pick one item that you want to work on at a time and no pressure remember that small successes and small accomplishments are what lead to great changes in time and by the way I created a little checklist of sorts for you I’ll leave it in the description box below I just know you’re a visual person and like to see things written down so I hope this helps to guide you in some way those are my 15 tips and I also just wanted to let you know I am so proud of you and I’m not just talking to myself anymore I am talking to you now as well I am so proud of you and you can be proud of you too that was tip number one remember alright pick up Lyme’s signing off we’ll see you next week [Music]