– I want to use a really
great website on the line. So if you all get your pen and paper out, we’re going to go to w-w-w dot google.com. It’s a goodie. (dramatic music) Hey, guys, it’s your Beth friend. Welcome back to The Great
Mental Health Experiment. And today, we’re gonna
talk about nutrition. So, there’s some fun
facts about nutrition. The nutrients from food are really good for our growth and maintaining
our body functions. So, like, I eat da Vogels,
my arms start working. Food is actually really important because the nutrients from food gives our bodies
instructions of what to do. And if we eat too much,
or eat a lot of bad foods, those chemicals inside which causes things like
overweight, tiredness, and it’s not a good time. I think I’m feeling, so out of 10, I’m feeling like a six, I think, today. So we are gonna head to the
supermarket and get some food. It’s gonna be mint. But, before we do it, we need
to do a little bit of research around food that is good for energy and food that is good for brain function. (upbeat music) You know how I find a good article? It’s all about the pictures, you know. You need good pictures. It’s locked. Are we there yet (laughs)? And we’re here (laughs)! (light upbeat music) I’m really excited about buying hummus ’cause I bought a baba ganoush hummus. And just the word, baba
ganoush, is a really great time. (upbeat music) Shazam. I just wanted to talk
to you guys a little bit about what this is gonna look like for me. This is not like a weight loss thing or a changing my diet rapidly. Like a lot of people can do it ’cause they want to be
thinner or something. But that’s definitely not the case. This is me challenging myself to be a healthier version of me. This is, I guess, more
of a challenge for me to be making things more ’cause I’m a very like grab something, go, grab something go. I really enjoy making things but I just don’t find the time to. (light music) I’m gonna head out to work but, over the week, I
will keep you updated about how the whole
nutrition thing’s going. Generally gonna try and eat good times. You drive that car. – Did you fart? – No, it’s just the thing. It’s just my eggs. So six o’clock at night
and I want to try this. It’s like jelly. Like a coconut jelly
with a taste of almond. I vibe it. Oh, it’s nice when you hit the berries. I just realised I’m eating
my dessert before dinner. What being an adult’s all about. So I don’t make dinners every night. I could go to the supermarket
and I could buy stuff or I could look through
the fridge and freezer and see what I can find, and I found fish cake
potato and leek things. Porsche gave me a Snickers
bar and I’m gonna eat it because you can’t tell
me how to live my life and I want chocolate, bye. Breakfast this morning on the second day. We have scrambled egg and avo on toast. – Happy birthday. – [Beth] I had Nando’s for lunch. – Ooh, yum, what kind? – [Beth] Chicken, all the chicken. So much chicken. Chicken and chicken, chicken, chicken. There’s my foot. We’ve already had cake today. I mean, what? So, I just finished day two, I guess, So it’s Wednesday and
I’m starting to notice a little bit of difference, just in how I get through day to day. So over this last week, before doing this video, I have been eating quite irregularly. Just because of work and I would, kind of, like maybe
have one of two meals a day rather than my breakfast, lunch, dinner. I’ve been able to get through my day and not feel like I have
to go and take a nap. I had another cheeky Nando’s so. Didn’t go too hundies on the chips. Trying to have a bit more tea. I’ve only had like one tea a day. I think I’m going to
Nando’s again tomorrow night for dinner, so. – Just eating the lunch
that J.P. got for me. Seafood, yum. (laughing) – J.P. bought me lunch. And then, it was like a
seafood noodle good time but I’m not a huge fan of
seafood and I feel really bad. Whoa. Smashed Avo. Voila. Lunchtime. Thanks for the sausage rolls, Andrew. – Very healthy. – Mmm. – Marmite and avo on toast. (speaks with mouth full) So good. I saw that my favourite
food truck was outside and got all my faves. Mac and cheese, pork ribs, salad. Thanks, Poppa. So, its been a week and I have been trying my
hardest to keep to my plans. The aim of this week was not
to completely change my diet but to add a few things
in that would benefit me as, particularly, around my
energy and my brain focus. Avocados, eggs, green tea, and chia seeds. Kind of stuck to, like, things that I knew that I really, really liked. And I just went hundies on it so there was lots of
eggs on toast with avo. A lot of chia seed puddings (laughs). So, the week before this,
I’ve been really busy and I would skip meals or
maybe just do a big breakfast and then not eat again until dinner. And I found that when I was in the office and I was doing work, I would lose focus and I would
just wanna lay on the floor. Throughout this week I
found that I’ve been able to stay on my feet for a lot longer and get things done and be focused. If you guys do wanna try this. And I do recommend that you do. We actually have made for you The Great Mental Health
Experiment Weekly Food Planner. You can just write in what
you’ve had or what you’re having. And I’m actually able to look back and see the progress of how I’ve gone. So there were some really good days, there were some not so good days, including the time that
I had pizza and Nando’s within the same day. How I’m feeling now a week later? I’m actually feeling
really good for a Monday. And I’m not sure if that’s down to food or just I’m excited for the week. I think it’s a little bit of both so I’m definitely feeling
a solid eight today. So that’s really good. That’s really exciting. Nutrition. A solid five out of five Chia seeds (laughs). for your wellbeing. Because it’s working
and I’m feeling it work. Look my arms, both the
arms are moving now! It’s great (laughs)! See you in a fortnight. Bye.