I just went and I picked up a
few things for dinner and lunch tomorrow and it was $300. That’s not even a whole week. It’s a fact…living in the
North is expensive. Transporting food to small
isolated communities is definitely one of the biggest
costs… But that’s not all… They have high electricity costs, labour costs are high, the cost of building and maintenance and construction are high. All of these factors go into
making the food costs more expensive in North. So there’s no question food
needs to be subsidized and it has been for about 50
years now – and it’s time for a change. We went out and we talked to people in various communities. We held about 80 engagement meetings across the North that felt that the program needed to be more targeted in terms of the subsidy. Umm, you had products that were convenience foods, processed foods that were
less nutritious, but they were receiving the same level of subsidy as highly nutritious foods. What would you like to see subsidized? And what would you
like to see changed? More fruit and vegetables even frozen and canned. Yeah, those are the big things that we eat and buy a lot. Vegetables, fruits-fruits, fruits, fruits. My kids love fruits but with all the prices that’s so high-it’s ridiculous. Not only does Nutrition North
focus on the delivery of healthier foods but for the
first time commercially produced traditional or country food is
also being subsidized. Also individuals can still make
personal orders with southern retailers who will apply the
subsidy directly. All northern communities can be
reached by sea OR air. Retailers are encouraged to use
ships for non-perishable items and air freight only for
nutritious perishable foods like meat, vegetables, fruit and
milk. And basically here’s how
Nutrition North works – The government subsidizes the
retailers-who in turn will pass the savings on to the consumers. So who’s keeping tabs on the
retailers? Retailers will have a formal
agreement with the Government of Canada setting out
their responsibilities to give us information about
pricing, food volume, umm the subsidy rate-
and basically a declaration that they’re passing the subsidy
on. We’ll also have the right to audit the retailers to ensure that they are passing on the
subsidy to the consumers. Nutrition North will continue to
evolve. A Northern Advisory Board is now
in place to enhance the transparency of the new program,
and to provide information and
advice. For more information
about which foods are eligible,
your community’s subsidy rate and related health promotion
programs log on to