Nutrition Links staff teach thousands of
Pennsylvania’s limited resource citizens with much-needed education on topics
of food and nutrition, food safety, food preparation, and food budgeting The big thing now with the economy
is stretching their food dollars it really helps them get the most out of
their food dollars and provide the most healthy meals for their families
and themselves programs help participants end the cycle
of dependency on emergency food as well as the cycles of poor nutrition
poor health and poor quality of life this is done by increasing knowledge of basic
nutrition increasing ability to select and prepare
nutritional foods improving food safety practices increasing ability to manage food budget
and resources and increasing frequency of healthy food
choices it’s really important because a lot of people just aren’t sure there’s so much nutrition information out
there and they have no idea what’s real and what’s not real with the support of community partners
Nutrition Links provides program lessons food demonstrations and hands-on
cooking experiences to groups and individuals the program is really important for
families to get involved in because it helps! It helps with living a healthier lifestyle
so the obesity rate can go down that gives them vitamins and nutrients
they need for a healthier life advisors use research based curriculum and hands-on
learn by doing techniques to help participants gain the skills they need to make
positive changes they get happy when they know they are saving money and their having more money at the end
of the month and sometimes when we help them with that
just little things like food dollars they can figure
out where to spend that somewhere else programs are tailored to be appropriate
age culture reading ability and physical or
developmental limitations of a particular audience program participants also gained job
readiness parenting and socialization skills many of them also want to keep coming
because they just enjoyed being with other people in the group and so they often say can i
come back? We’re like bring a friend and you can be a volunteer you do learn something each time
you come to a Nutrition Links class Nutrition Links is part of the community
it serves and works hard to improve the lives of those in it.