Nutrition in plants is
autotrophic means “self feeding”. Plants prepare their food by using simple
inorganic materials like water carbon dioxide and sunlight. This process is
called photosynthesis it takes place inside the leaf but
exactly where does it happens inside the leaf, if we see the cross-section of a
leaf we will find the cells with green colored structures called chloroplasts.
This is the exact site of photosynthesis then how do plants get their raw
materials for photosynthesis. Carbon dioxide enters the leaf through small
pores called stomata present on the underside of the leaf. Water is absorbed
from the soil by the roots. The exposure of leaf surface to the Sun enables it to
get enough sunlight for photosynthesis Let us see the steps involved in it
step 1 : chlorophyll molecules get activated by
the sunlight Step 2 activated chlorophylls splits the water
into hydrogen and oxygen step 3 hydrogens generated in step 2
are utilized to reduce the carbon dioxide to glucose. {lants also need
nitrogen to make proteins to build up their bodies. Atmospheric nitrogen is
made into nitrites and nitrates by the soil bacteria they get it from the soil
in the form of nitrites and nitrates