challenges regarding Duchenne and
nutrition are complex and difficult for families and for guys with DMD
themselves to navigate because you know really we are most of us in a position
where we’re we can be picky eaters and there are things that we like and there
are things that we don’t like and maybe we don’t always make the best
nutritional choices to keep our bodies as healthy as possible but having DMD
makes it more both more complicated and more difficult because you have guys who
are typically more picky with their eating and it just that is just the way
it is but also we have guys who are much more prone to perhaps gaining weight
while they are taking steroids or for strength or even just gaining weight
because they’re not moving around as much and we also have to think about how
if your muscles are weaker and then you’re carrying more non muscle weight
it actually can make it more difficult to move your body around and it can
reduce your mobility as guys with DMD get older we become more and more
concerned about their maintenance of weight and maintenance of adequate good
nutrition as well things like having problems with feeding yourself can make
it so that even though you don’t notice that you’re eating less during the day
your nutritional intake can go down significantly because you’re dependent
on other people to help feed you in those cases we’re very concerned that we
find ways to help select diets that are appropriate that can get the right
amount of caloric intake the number of calories the amount of energy into the
body as well as the importance of getting the right nutrients into the
body as well so this is why nutrition in older guys
with DMD is so critically important and is almost kind of opposite what we think
about when we think about young guys who are trying to keep the weight off so
from the standpoint of maintaining body weight it really helps the whole
constitution of the body in terms of resistance to disease maintenance of
strength if your nutritional intake isn’t adequate one of the things that
your body likes to do is focus on high nutrition tissues within the body which
can include not only fat but also things like muscle so if you’re not getting
enough nutrition from dietary sources your body actually starts to use your
own muscle as a source of nutrition as well we really don’t want that to happen
in people with DMD because we’re trying to conserve that muscle already so
nutrient intake and adequate caloric intake is super important and all people
with DMD and especially in our older guys