PLANTS We see them every day in our homes, roads, etc They need three primary things to grow LIGHT which they get it from the SUN AIR Especially CARBON DIOXIDE which is available everywhere and NUTRIENTS which are plant food they get them from WATER & SOIL Aquatic plants grow in the same way as these plants grow Aquatic plants also need these three things LIGHTS….which they get it from artificial LED Lights Generally, there is no air in a fish tank but there is definitely dissolved oxygen and co2 in the water We can also provide CO2 using co2 cylinder Now NUTRITION, where did these plants get it from? They get nutrition from soil and water Soil is a very good source of nutrition for plants But after some time, plants use this nutrition and deplete it completely. This depletion time depends upon quality of the sand Branded soil is nutrient-rich and works for longer time and low-quality soil like river sand, which I have used in this tank is comparatively has less lifespan Branded soil is costly So people with a tiny budget prefer river sand for planted setup Many fishkeepers use river sand as their substrate So what you can do in this situation? I am also in a similar situation and the solution is LIQUID FERTILIZER Liquid fertilizer mixes with water Plants absorb them using their roots and leaves This liquid fertilizer was sent to me by REEFER’S POINT You can visit their website ‘’ to check out their product profile All things regarding your aquarium setup can be purchased from here So let’s unbox these fertilizers first There are AQUAFOREST branded nutrients It is a well known international brand in the aquarium products Generally, there are six types of freshwater plants fertilizers Let’s see each of them in details AF MACRO- Aquaforest Macro Macro are those elements which plants require in large quantities