>>Zhang Qilin: t’s impossible for us to find a job in the city because we are illiterate. 0:00:14:500,0:0:23:500
>>Zhang Qilin: We want our kids to study at school. No matter how much we struggle
financially, we will encourage them to finish their education. 0:00:24:000,0:00:47:000
>>Cai Tingrong: Students used to have only breakfast before school. They had to wait
until school finished to have dinner. It used to be very difficult for our teachers to teach
afternoon classes. The kids were too hungry to pay attention. Since China launched the
School Milk Program, after the second period every day, we give each student a carton of
milk. 0:00:40:500,0:00:55:000
>>Jiang Jianping: Currently, over 699 counties and 26 million middle and elementary school
students participate in the program. 0:00:57:000,0:01:05:000
>>Jia Xinzhuang: When kids choose a drink, their first consideration is flavor and texture
— whether it’s tasty. 0:01:08:000,0:01:12:50
>>Gao Hang: DuPont is a strategic partner of New Hope Dairy. 0:01:13:000,0:01:18:000
>>Jia Xinzhuang: Due to students’ special nutritional needs, the formulation of student
milk is more complex. 0:01:19:00,0:01:22:00
>>Gao Hang: Our partner DuPont provides us crucial support in mixing ingredients. 0:01:22:000,0:01:43:000
>>Jia Xinzhuang: DuPont has many years of experience in the food industry and will continue
to support China in the development of safer and more nutritious solutions. 0:01:33:500,0:01:40:000
>>Cai Tingrong: Ever since the school milk was provided, the later classes were much
more effective. 0:01:40:500,0:01:45:000
>>Zhang Qilin: For our kids, at this age, nutrition is the most important thing. 0:01:45:500,0:01:55:000
>>Jiang Jianping: Chinese children are the hope and architects for the future. If they
are healthy, there is hope for the Chinese people.