Hey, Roberta. It’s really great
to see you again. Thanks for coming in. Hi. It’s so nice to
see you again, too. You know I’ve been thinking
about the suggestions that you made to me last time
to start some of the programs, and I really want to
control my diabetes. I want to get back into
shape and be healthier. So I’m interested in
starting a nutrition program. I’m really happy
to hear that, and I think that can make
a great difference for controlling your diabetes. So let’s start to talk about
that a little bit today. Can you tell me a little
bit about what you normally eat in a week? And maybe a good
place to start is– if you remember– what you
had for dinner last night. You know I have a big
family, and last night we had my in-laws over. And a typical meal would involve
a lot of meat, some vegetables, rice, and soda for
the kids, and dessert. OK. And do you typically eat all
of those things– the soda, the rice, the meat,
the vegetables? I do. I do. And normally my portion’s about
like maybe a bowl and a half of rice, I like red meat a lot,
vegetables, and maybe a cup or two of soda. OK. So let’s start there. A couple of things maybe that
come to mind that might help. What kind of rice
are you eating? Is it white rice or brown rice? White rice. It’s the staple
for Asian families. So, if we start
right there, that’s one thing that you could really
make a difference with if you substituted white
rice for brown rice. The whole grains are just much
healthier in general for us to eat. And particularly for
somebody with diabetes, you want to try to stay away
from the white rice if you can. Is that something that
you think you could do? Well, you know, I grew
up eating white rice, and you know it tastes better. Well, I understand that
it may taste better, but the brown rice is
going to be so much better for your health and the health
of the rest of your family. And for somebody
living with diabetes, it’s just so important. Do you think that
you could maybe– maybe you could volunteer
to cook the rice and try substituting brown rice. I’m not so sure if I
can convince my family to try brown rice. Well you know,
have they tried it? No. Well, what I’m saying is
I think it could really make a big difference. And just kind of encouraging
them to try it, or maybe you cooking the brown rice. Well, I don’t do the
cooking in my family. My mom usually does the
cooking, and she’s usually the older generation. Like I said, we grew
up eating white rice. So I’m not so sure they’re
open to brown rice.