Nutrition plays a very important role
during 2-6 years of age because that is the time for the growth of the
baby. What happens is that they have the neurons but they are not attached to
each other, so the more nutrition we are giving to them they are attaching to
each other, so more myelin sheaths their myelination
is happening and accordingly the axons and dendrites are forming the branching
of neurons is happening. So this is a very crucial period. We have to first
take care about the nutrition, if your neurons are not getting proper energy,
proper nutrition, they will die and then they are not again building up, so the
development will be lesser. So we have to make it a point that initial stages your
kid is not malnourished. So how can we get the nutrients? We have divided all
the nutrients majorly into five food groups. The first is these periods that is a complex carbohydrate. Second is a protein which is a building block for the kid and is very important. Third is the vitamins, vitamins and minerals which we essentially get from
all kinds of fruits and vegetables and that is the supportive system. The last is water which is very important, fluid replenishment for the kid is very
important. If you are not having good EPA and DHA what will happen? The
transmission will not be proper. Iron plays a very important role in the brain
development. Egg is known to be a brain food especially the yolk. Yolk has got
lot of DHA and zinc