All right, let’s talk
about this movie. You’re hilarious in
everything that you do. Just the slightest– just
the way you say things. Tell everybody what it’s about. So there’s a movie
coming out called Stuber. You just saw the trailer. That’s me and Dave
Bautista, who’s a big– he’s a big wrestler man. Yes he is. And the movie, it’s a big fun
action comedy, but really, I feel like we’re– this
is going to sound serious, because it is– I feel like we’re in a
time where masculinity is under the microscope. We’re talking about how
traditional masculinity has caused all these
problems for the world. I really think a lot of problems
in the world are caused by men. And I think a big
part of it I that– I really do– and I
think a big part of it is the only emotion
that men feel comfortable expressing,
in general, is anger. We’ve been told that that’s the
only manly emotion there is. Sadness isn’t manly. Fear isn’t considered manly. Even joy can be
turned into anger. If you watch people at sports
games, they’re like, yeah, and then they get really angry. And I felt for many,
many years I wasn’t in touch with those emotions. I only felt comfortable
showing anger. And so this is a movie that
really talks about that stuff. It’s about two very
different kinds of men. My character is
a guy who doesn’t feel comfortable showing anger,
but feels everything else, and Dave is a guy who only can
show anger, and nothing else. So it’s the two of us, these
two different generations of masculinity, sort of having
a conversation the whole time. And I had this problem– like I said, I wasn’t
in touch with my– I would have days where
I would be angry all day, and at the end of the day,
I’d have a glass of water, and I’d be like, oh,
I was just thirsty– all day. I’d be yelling at
people, honking– get out of the way. Then I had water, and I was
like, oh, this was the problem. Just dehydration. Just dehydration, yeah. So you’re saying men
should drink more water? Definitely. I think all men are dehydrated. Yeah. It’s just that simple. All right, we’re
going to take a break. We’ll be right back after this. You spent a lot of time
with Dave in the car– a whole lot of time. And as you said,
he’s a wrestler. Did he teach you
anything about– what does he do to work out? Everything. His shoulders are the size
of our heads combined. He’s such a big guy. You know, it was
finally– it was good, because usually we’re always
auditioning against each other for the same role. So it’s good to finally
be in a movie together. Oh my god, why am I flexing? That seems shameful. Please. No, it looks like you
have a muscle there. So I was in the car with
Dave the whole time, and he’s just such a
lovely, lovely sweet guy. And he is an Adonis,
so I kind of– look at the size
difference there. So I just was like,
how do you work out? And he sort of got me started. So now, I’ve
started working out. Look at him. Yeah. By the way, I’m wearing a
shirt with his face on it. And then his face
is next to me too. Wow, that is quite a
body he’s got there. Yeah. So are you doing stuff that
he taught you how to do? Yeah, so I started working out. I’ve been trying to get
a little bit bigger. And I really am. It’s working. But I am also– people
are like, do you feel good about yourself? I’m like, no, this
is the most miserable I’ve ever been in my life. I’ve never felt worse
about myself, Ellen. Really? No. You don’t like working out? No. I don’t like it
because it’s painful. Oh, and that’s– [LAUGHTER] It hurts everywhere. And everybody else at the
gym is much bigger than me. And I’m working out too. Why are they bigger than me? What’s going on? You need some water. Have some water. No, I don’t need water. OK, OK, OK, OK, OK. Oh, god. OK. [APPLAUSE] So is your wife happy
about the working out? She does like it, but I really– I am in constant pain. So like right now, I
could cry very easily. I didn’t cry for like a good
15 years, and now I cry– any movie I watch. I cry at cooking shows. And I could cry right
now, but I’m not going to. Oh, OK. You can, if you want to. I don’t think I
want to right now. OK, all right. It’s up to you. It’s your choice. We’re out of time anyway,
so you don’t have time– Oh, we are? –to cry. Oh, now I want to cry. OK. Don’t look at me like that. I’m trying to give you time. All right. Stuber opens in theaters
everywhere on July 12. We’ll be right back.