– You know, I’ve experienced,
prior to 2010 Australian Open, many struggles on the court: respiratory problems, inability
to cope with the heat, endurance issues even
though I was training hard. I was feeling that I’m losing
that kind of fuel in my tank. I was feeling weaker and
then all of a sudden, the vision, you know, became different. I didn’t the court as wide as it was in the beginning of the match and, you know, I had blurred vision, I couldn’t catch breath after– after each point was finished, and in no time, he was
a winner of the match and I remember that between
fourth and fifth set, I went out to throw up and
felt my stomach was aching. I felt my energy was so low and I was– just my nose was blocked, and it was plenty of things going on and it was not the first time. I didn’t understand that
there is this nutrition part that was blocking me in a way, because I wasn’t eating correctly, even though I thought that I was. – [Announcer] Tsonga leads
by four games to one. (somber music) – Coming from the culture
where we’re based a lot on the gluten, which is in the wheat, and we have bakeries in each corner so I had breads and different
bread baskets each day, even with– after eating pizza, and I would have a
little bread on the side, that’s how integrated that
kind of culture of eating was in our region. And also a lot of meat and
sugar, you know, refined sugar. I didn’t know that–
that that would cause– all these things would cause that kind of feeling of
being helpless on the court and feeling of being powerless. (audience cheers) So then I met Dr. Igor Cetojevic and he has actually watched that match in Australian
Open earlier that year and he felt the need
to get in touch with me and to help me out. And he received the data that I have a great sensitivity on gluten, no coeliac disease but great
sensitivity intolerance to gluten, to dairy products, and obvious to refined sugar. And I had to sit down,
rethink what is going on. (audience cheers) – [Announcer] And that’s it,
Djokovic on a massive miss hit. Wimbledon number five, for the Serbian… – I do eat plant-based and I think that’s–
that’s one of the reasons why I recover well and I don’t have allergies
that I used to have anymore. It is about how this diet affects world, not just personal health
but also sustainability, ecology, animals, and
this is what I care about so I’m really privileged
to be part of that team.