Good Spawning Australia! It’s time for The Scoop! With me, DARREN! (canned applause) Joining
me today is one of everyone’s favourite humanoids, please welcome, Will! WILL
Aw, thanks Darren. You’re one of my favourite robots DARREN
ONE of your favourite robots? Who are the
others? WILL
Uhhh…hey, isn’t it time for Darren’s Challenge? DARREN
Oh, affirmative! It’s time for Darren’s Challenge! (applause) *jazzy music* DARREN
Now, water is a feature of many games, but which game does this particular water come
from? Answer at the end of The Scoop. Now, to the news! First up, hold on to your buttons, gamers,
because Playstation recently dropped a bombshell revelation! (audience: gasp!) According to
Playstation, the commonly known ‘X’ button is actually, officially called the ‘Cross’
button! Social media furor ensued…even Xbox weighed in…
WILL So, let me get across this. Players were cross
that the cross is actually not called an X? DARREN
Ex-actly…(audience chuckle) Does this come as a dual-shock to you, Boatmeal? BOATMEAL
*dog noises* DARREN
Aha…fair point. He thinks it makes sense, because, as Playstation UK pointed out, we
don’t call the circle button an ‘O’ do we? WILL
Oh… Well, I think this debate will continue to push people’s buttons… DARREN
Aha, affirmative! Now, Nintendo’s latest foray into fitness gaming has got me thinking about gamercise…Mmm, so, let’s work it out in DARREN’s Dialogue Box! *jazzy music* DARREN
Nintendo recently announced their ‘Ring Con’ peripheral and companion adventure game. So, does gamifying
fitness make exercise more fun? Or will this just be another expensive plastic peripheral
in the cupboard? What do you think, Will? WILL
Well, Nintendo’s not exactly reinventing the wheel…or…ring here. Remember Wii Fit?
That was hugely popular. DARREN
Affirmative. And fitness gaming or ‘exergaming’, can have a range of uses. Wii Fit and the
balance board have been used for physical therapy and in aged-care. WILL
Right. Plus, integrating the fitness stuff with an adventure game is kinda intriguing.
So, look, I’ll give it a chance. DARREN
[sings] Let’s get physical…physical…Ahem…Alright, moving on now to the Extra Scoop? *boing splat* DARREN
What have you got, Will? WILL
A game jammer known as Solly has created the classic strategy game, Sid Meier’s Civilisation…
in Microsoft Excel! Known as Cell-ivization, it includes the ability to build units and
attack opponents, with plans to add even more features. DARREN
Splendid. If there’s one thing I like more than spreadsheets, it’s world domination!
Aha (audience: nervous laugh?) Now, before we go, it’s time for the answer to Darren’s
Challenge! The water pictured here comes from…. Sea of Thieves! WILL
Wow, THE sea from Sea of Thieves. DARREN
It’s quite the sea-lebrity… (audience chuckle) Now, all jokes aside…that’s all
the scoop we have for today. Until next week, goodnight Australia! (applause) WILL
I might have to start training now…for that Ring Con thing DARREN
I could train you Will…Engage your core! No pain no gain! Aha