hey everybody what's up my name's Rebecca Louise welcome to the channel today we are gonna do an amazing hour workout you're gonna feel incredible and I'm really excited because my friends at Nike women have sent me over these incredible clothes to wear oh yes this is a dream come true so guys check this out this is the Nike Flyknit indie sports bra it's so comfortable I love that you can move the strap it's super supportive it's made from sustainable climate material as well super cool right okay so not only that it's super stretchy and you can just move with it and we're gonna put it to the test today and you're probably you're looking at these wonderful tights and thinking what are they I know these are amazing these are the Nike luxe tight ah they are made with like butter like material for ultimate comfort and sweat wicking material as well so you can workout in them you can go to brunch in them you can go grocery shopping they feel amazing oh I love this and we're gonna put them to the test now you're probably okay well where can I get them from how can I look and feel like Rebecca Louise right now well you can get them I've put all of the details in my description below so make sure that you check out the links honestly guys I absolutely love this brand they're amazing this feels great and I'm excited to workout in them guys let's get started with that ab workout and I thought I'd just switch up the outfits for you you guys always love everything that I wear and you guys are gonna absolutely love this too all the details are in the description for everything that I'm wearing throughout this video okay so we're gonna start our ten-minute workout we're gonna be focusing on the ABS today we're gonna do a stacked workout you're gonna have so much fun we're gonna hash tag I can feel the burn Rebecca afterwards and we're gonna feel that sweat okay so first exercise we're gonna come down to the ground and we are basically just going to come stick this down a little bit okay stop that okay so we're gonna come down to the ground we got our timer on and all we're going to do is we are going to hold this plank and we're gonna go forwards and backwards so that's it so you want your nice elbows underneath on the ground hands flat out in front of you pull your belly button in towards your spine so that your heads in line with your back that's in line with your heels and we've just got 30 seconds you're gonna take a 10 second rest and then we're gonna go into the next exercise so we're gonna keep on stacking a new workout okay a new exercise so take a breath here release give your hands a little bit of a strick and we're gonna go into the second set okay so again you're gonna come down to the ground have your pant spot on the floor and then forwards and backwards option number two here just come down to your knees and kind of sway forwards and backwards and what this is gonna do is it's gonna really help engage your abs so have everything nice and tight okay so that's it so just squeeze Oh take a breath in and we're gonna add on the next exercise we're gonna have fun throughout this you're gonna feel amazing you've just got to stick with me okay we're gonna fight all the way to the end and we're gonna do this together okay come down you're gonna lie onto your back and we're gonna do toe touches so second exercise legs all the way up to the top and you're just gonna come and squeeze up so that's it just lifting up those shoulders oh and breathing so important girls when we're doing these workouts especially kind of when we're on the ground and we stand up sometimes we feel a little bit dizzy what I want you guys to do is just always breathe really breathing inhale and exhale if your neck hurts here just take your hands behind your head and squeeze that's it lift those legs up nice and straight give me one more and release down okay we're gonna start back from the beginning so we're gonna roll over and all you're gonna do is come back into those plank rolls forwards and backwards let's do let's go you can do this in your capability you just have to decide to go for it decide that you are gonna make this happen dedicate yourself to this workout that you're gonna finish it then you're gonna get all the way through and you're gonna make it happen for yourself you can do this stay with me and breathe move inhale and exhale three two one release all the way down and we're gonna come up on to our back so those legs up to the sky lift it all the way hands behind your bare head if your neck hurts and then just squeeze tiny little pulses just bringing it up so crunch release try and keep those legs nice and straight pull your belly button in towards the spine so that you really have that back flat on the ground that's what we're looking for here engaged back engaged core and lift up Oh feels so good guys are you ready to add on our next exercise and you're gonna get 10 second rest before so just wiggle out take a moment to enjoy this we're gonna lift our legs up next exercise we're gonna do single leg drops so take it down nice and slow one at a time again pull your belly button in towards the spine release your shoulders on the ground release your head sometimes we feel like we want to be tense and looking what our legs are doing don't worry they're moving we're feeling the burn and then relax your face as well giving me a little bit of a smile oh yes drop it all the way down lift up to the top take it down nice and slow three two one and release okay gently roll up we're gonna start all over again who remembers what was first yes you've got it the plank and let's go so if you want to you can come down to your knees you can just hold a plank here when you're rocking forwards and backwards it's just gonna give you a little bit more engagement okay a little bit more squeeze work those abs a little bit harder that's it take it nice and slow everything wants to be controlled three to breathe and one release all the way down see if I say three two one two quickly you guys just stop automatically I know you girls okay so legs up to the sky hands behind your head and let's crunch so you're just lifting your shoulders up off the ground take a look at your elbows are they doing this are they coming in I don't want to see that I want to see you just lift straight up keeping your elbows out to the side Oh getting a little tan as well here we'll breathe in and extend focus stay in your lane stay and what you want to achieve and then release all the way down for that ten second rest okay so we're gonna put our palms facing upwards release those shoulders to the ground send those legs all the way up to the sky tuck those hips underneath and let's take it for those electrons that's it nice and slow down really pointing those feet and we're gonna add on the next exercise so release the shoulders I don't see any tension in the upper body if you need to bend your knees great bend your knees here the goal is is to keep on moving your body even if you're just stepping side to side it's moving your body getting adrenaline going getting that circulation going give me one more and let's add on that next exercise you're gonna roll all the way over and you're gonna come up into a high plank and you're gonna bring your knee out to the side let's go now can you see here everything is nice and slow and controlled I'm not going crazy I'm not running a million miles an hour cardio is good and strength training and it's gonna be awesome too so mixing up the two it's gonna make a big difference and that's why on the burn program we have a different workout every single day so that's my program oh it's exactly what I do three to give me one more squeeze and release down okay take a breath then we're gonna go into that plank this one really engages your core so let's come down and forward some backwards whoa I love this kind of workout so adding different workouts really like test your brain to remember what's coming next and just adding something more adding a little bit more tone adding a little bit more definition adding a little bit more strokes let's go you can do this this is where your mindset needs to start picking in to say this is possible I am possible 3 2 1 release those knees spin all the way down on the floor for me we are gonna stick those legs up to the sky hands behind your head and let's take it away point those toes lift that chest up keep those elbows out to the side all the way up we're gonna add on one more exercise yes we are whoo and you're gonna love this one lift that chest up release down everyone counts every single rep that you do is gonna make a difference so give it everything you've got each time and release that head release those legs down give yourself a little bit of a shake maybe pull your knees in towards your chest and we're gonna send those legs back up to the sky for those single leg drops down we go and up really squeeze those ABS making sure that your back is nice and flat onto the ground I don't want to see any gaps that's it take it nice and slow keep those legs straight or take a little bend in them either works for me bring it all the way back up and take it down yeah guys you got this let's keep on pushing through and one more and release okay all the way over onto your front we are gonna add in that last exercise we've done these hi planks so hands directly underneath your shoulders bring your knee out to the side that's it working those oblique muscles that's the side of your abs so if you think you can or if you think you can't you are right so tell yourself right now I can I can do this it is possible who don't feel stuck just feel like you need to take the next step going forward squeeze and release down last exercise on this circuit you're gonna come all the way down you're gonna bring your arms up to the sky and you're gonna extend one arm and one leg so bring it in ah nice and slow I know something you guys want to go so fast with these but it's all about control so tuck your hips underneath bring your knees in and then extend the opposite arm with the opposite leg and breathe how are you inhaling are you exhaling something that we typically forget when we're lying on the floor we're just really concentrating so make that a priority three two one and gently roll all the way up whoa that was a great workout guys could you throw the bird make sure that you hatch tag I can feel the burn Rebecca now you're probably wondering wow she's got changed so quickly and I wanted to show you guys one more outfit because I love these sports bras okay the Nike Flyknit indie sports bra throughout this whole workout haven't felt like I've been like coming out of my sports bra I've been like super supported I love the straps super comfortable now these tights – okay the Nike one Lux tight side seamless so amazing they have got dry fik technology and also super stretchy so kind of just make you feel amazing so like I said you can workout and then go to brunch go and get your grocery shopping you feel amazing now I'm a massive fan okay because Nike women well it's pretty up there okay they are I'm gonna say like my favorite so make sure if you want to check out the gear – all the details are in the description below subscribe to the channel let me know if you get some of this outfit tag me and Instagram Rebecca Louise fitness my name's Rebecca Louise have a great rest of your day straight strong stay fit stay confident let's go