– So, in health, wellness
and accessibility services, there’s really three
services that we provide. The health services,
basically medical services, so, almost anything that you
would go to a walk-in clinic, our students can access us here on campus. The second is our counseling services, again, we’ve got full-time
counselors available at both campuses, the Welland campus and the Niagara on the Lake campus, and they provide personal counseling for primarily mental health issues, but really, you can talk
to a counselor about any issues that you might be having. And then the third is our
accessibility services, and so that’s for
students with disabilities that might need accommodations or academic supports to help them
ensure their success. So, they can contact our office in person, at the Niagara on the Lake campus. Our office is located in West 102. At the Welland campus it’s AH125. So, they can come into our office Monday through Friday,
8:30 to 4:30 in person. They can contact us by telephone or check out our website on
the Niagara College homepage it’s HWAS, health, wellness
and accessibility services. There is a lot of help and there are a lot of support here at Niagara College. So, our services here, in our
office and our department, our counseling services,
our health services, accessibility services, but
even beyond our department there’s a lot of additional
services available. We’ve got academic advisors, we’ve got learning strategists, we’ve got an assistive technologist, we’ve got peer tutoring, peer mentoring. There’s so many services
available at the college to help students be successful
on their academic journey. (calm techno music)