in this video we’re going to be trying on a
brand new color contact lens. the dailies colors. if you’re looking for a colored
contact lens that is comfortable to wear convenient to use and good for the eye
health then this just might be the lens for you. let’s take a look hello and
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you want to check that out now in this video we’re gonna be going
over daily colored contact lenses really the benefits of having a daily colored
lens versus some of the other lenses they’re out there and we’ll go over the
different lens colors that are available and how these ones might actually be
more beneficial in terms of that kind of natural color appearance to the I know
it comes to colored contact lenses there are many different colored options out
there many different brands many different kind of styles whether you’re
looking for like a theatrical lens one that really stands out and is almost
used for like Halloween or dressing up in costume or if you’re looking for
something that’s more subtle and more natural looking something that will
enhance your eye color which is really beneficial if you’re somebody who likes
to go out if you just like to mix things up if you’re kind of an artistic person
then I think these type of lenses are awesome colored lenses are really fun to
try out but in terms of the different types of soft lenses that are out there
that actually come in colored options a lot of the really old designs for
colored lenses out there on the market are like yearly lenses like you get one
lens and a pass to a full year but those generally are not healthy for the eyes
they’re really old technology I mean talking like 1960s technology but
definitely in the last decade more options for healthier colored lenses
have come out and that includes monthly lenses such as the air optics colors
this is a monthly contact lens with all a lot of different options but now
thankfully the healthiest lens that you can basically be wearing at this point
that comes in a color option into my knowledge is the only one on the market
and that is now the new dailies colors really the benefits of having a daily
color contact lenses and monthly lens falls down to comfort being daily lenses
are generally more comfortable the monthly lenses tend to build up kind
of a residue on the surface of the lens and then you’re putting that into your
eye over and over and over the course of a month where a daily lens you’re
tossing out that lens at the end of the day so you’re putting in a fresh new
pair in the next day and then actually speaks to convenience as well because
then yeah you don’t have to bother spending that time cleaning the lenses
or going through anything like that if you are currently a monthly lens where
we’re at we cleanse wear and you’re not sure how to clean the lenses properly I
do have a video I recently posted on that and hook that up here in the
YouTube card above as well as in the description below again if you want to
check that out otherwise I also find that daily lenses are wate healthier for
the eye in general less chance of infection now that may just be my
clinical experience but I see people who are really wearing daily lenses just
don’t get as many complications from contact lens wear as people who are
wearing like a monthly or a two week lens now when it comes to that colors
that are available for dailies colors there’s really only four colors that
have just released there’s mystic green mystic grey mystic
blue and mystic hazel and really they’ve focused on having more of a natural eye
color so these aren’t for somebody who’s looking for a Halloween type of lens or
a theatrical lens something that you do cosplay in these lenses are going to be
a little bit better for someone who’s looking for a natural eye color or
something to enhance their already existing eye color
in addition these lenses also have an accentuated limbal ring to really make
the limbal aspect the darker ring on the outside of your iris to really stand out
there’s actually studies that have come out that report that people find other
individuals who have darker limbal rings to be more attractive now I say that but
yet with these different colors that are available all of them have that
accentuated limbal ring except for mystic green that one still has the
limbal ring but it’s not as dark okay so the first one we’re gonna try on here
are the mystic grey lenses now of course I have lighter colored eyes so these are
going to a little bit different on for me and if
you have lighter colored eyes versus somebody who has darker colored irises
if you have brown eyes these may look a little bit different in general somebody
who has a darker colored iris well I think looks better with the gray lenses
still works or someone with blue lenses or blue irises like mine right here you
can kind of compare the difference between with the colored lens versus
without the colored lens but now I’m gonna put in the other eyes you can get
kind of the full effect and see what that looks like what I love is that
these lenses are very similar to another brand called that aqua comfort plus it’s
made by the same manufacturer these are also add aliens have been out for a long
time the same material actually and very similar design so that if you fit well
with aqua comfort plus if you find them comfortable these lenses you’ll find
just as comfortable my first instinct to wearing these
lenses is that yeah they work really well
the downside with these colored lenses as with most other colored lenses on the
market is that the color does start to approach your central visual axis
there’s an optical Zone of the center of the actual lens and because the color
kind of creeps in you can sometimes see the edges of the actual kind of the
color ring of the lenses so if you’re somebody who has doesn’t like that
feeling like something’s like encroaching from your sides you may
actually get these with almost every type of colored lens
some of that experience though does depend on how big your pupil is if
you’ve got a really small pupil like mine you may not see them as much but if
you have a really large people or you take medication that causes your pupils
to be larger then yeah you may start to notice the edges of the color rings a
little bit more okay now let’s try something a little bit different let’s
try mystic green one thing you can kind of notice here is
comparing the green lens in my left eye to my normal just blue iris and kind of
start to notice that limbal ring like I mentioned before of all these lenses the
mystic greens limbal ring isn’t as defined but you can kind of still see
how much it actually still accentuates the limbal ring compared to my just
normal iris all right so there’s the other green lens what do you guys think
of the green eyes the mystic green look okay so now let’s switch over let’s try
mystic blue we’ll see what that looks like compared to my normal blue iris all
right so that’s just kind of what it looks like comparing the left lens here
an actual mystic blue with that dark limbal ring compared to just my normal
blue colored eye yeah what do you guys think does that look weird you can you
tell that I’m actually wearing a colored contact lens like if I was just walking
on the street next to you would you actually be able to tell that I was
wearing a colored lens on this side now what’s cool is that the elk on company
that makes these lenses they also make the air optics colors they actually did
a color design so it’s actually multi-tiered colors within the lens
itself and that’s really what gives it kind of that more natural look but now
let’s just level it out we’ll put in the other lens now again here’s what the
blue lens is it seems kind of different being on somebody who already has blue
eyes but it should help accentuate and make them pop out okay now the final one
is gonna be mystic hazel now when it comes down to hazel colors for colored
contact lenses I personally don’t think they work very good with people that
have blue colored irises I find that they work better and more natural for
people who have darker colored irises like a brown eye it just looks a little
bit more natural otherwise they can come off kind of almost yellow in a way so
yeah what do you guys think of this it’s not quite it’s not really prominent it’s
not super harsh but do you think they actually look somewhat natural to you
having this type of mystic hazel colored lenses all right eye health question of
the day which one of these colored lenses that when I was just put on is
your favorite go ahead and comment in the section below and if you have any
other questions about daily colored lenses leave those as well I’ll try to
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