The seat is the most important interface between the customer and the vehicle, and therefore whatever improves ergonomics and comfort is obviously very important. The seats contributed to the interior dimensions. First of all we were really focusing on the knee area for the rear passengers.
We really wanted to improve the available space in front of the rear passengers
and we achieved that by really making the seat back significantly thinner without giving up anything on the comfort side. When we are talking about massage, ventilation and adjustable side support we have the seat heating on the rear seats. With that we are absolutely leading the benchmark and we meet the customer’s expectation for luxury cars. We wanted to make luxury features achievable for every customer. We asked ourselves how can we get a good performance also for a good price level? The robot validation is one of the best things we have in seat development, because we have the ability to see in not more than a week what the complete seat endures in a lifetime. That’s absolutely perfect. We have here the lumbar system, the bladders, which at the same time also do the massage. This will be the seat with the most functions and options Opel ever had in one seat. Not only in the compact segment but in all segments.