Hello my name is David Pinder and I am responsible
for accessories at Opel. Today I would like to introduce you to two
of the new accessories that we are launching together with the new Astra. One of them is the Air Wellness air freshener,
which we’ve created. This is a fragrance diffuser that enables
you to create a specific scent and environment within your vehicle, which can make a big difference to your day. The Air Wellness works by pressing a button.
This heat creates a heating element, which warms up a pad that gives you very good
control of the intensity of the fragrance inside of the vehicle. So in addition to the Air Wellness feature,
we’ve also developed a mobile phone holder that works with the vast majority of mobile
phones. The advantage of this is, that you’re able
to plug it into that space on the console and hold it securely and you’re able to provide power for it. Due to its location it is very easily accessible.
You can see where it is but it is not a distraction. It doesn’t block your view angles, which many of the items do when they are fixed on suction pads. In addition to that you always know where
it is, you can always find it so you don’t have to play “hunt my phone” in your car.
In addition to the two accessories that we’ve presented today, we’ve obviously developed
a wide range of other accessories that enable you to protect and get more value out of your
vehicle. If you’d like to know more, check out the Opel website.