my steady I feel ready but my legs happy I don't get it hit it already still working I'm still learning I'm still switching finally earning something finally turning something called a profit if I hear you talking shoot don't get caught in it I'll be popping off and hit your ass dropping now your here I promise this I got promises you ain't stopping this cross my you'll be nice and conscious bitch that's the consequence I got this will knock with a launch quick then I'm God it's just a matter of time before I'm over and moving on to more I'm just with my 9 I'm rocking they watching cuz it's shocking dropping all these lap dance on so strap in it's time to live my life it's time to live like that wish I could slow down time and just enjoy let me share this go Champa what the granny bra I swear to God you [Applause] like a student working on a movement a few acres I'm in the zone and you know that I'm ready for the shows how it grows I don't know but I'm going until I'm shows one your right go all these people want to know what you think it then lately you really love me or do you really hate me on a scale of one to ten what would you grade me by the social media has got me going crazy lately everything's inflated mainly everyone's invaded privacy is naked I'm not really hated god I really hate it I just want to make it through all this fake living in the real life fighting for some real time talk about the real climb passionate and real crime single time bad for my mind of thoughts taking back my life I just want to don't you sleep on his hair I'm gonna put your ass to it put your ball don't be so dramatic not my demographic never gonna fish