You go into your doctor, whatever, I’m
tired or I’m having hair loss or you just go in and ask, “Can I have a full
panel?” “Yes, sure.” So what they tend to run is something
called the CBC which is a complete blood count. It looks at your red and white blood cells and that’s great but for the
average person it doesn’t give us a lot of information unless maybe you’re
outright anemic or maybe you have an outright infection. And then they run
something called a CMP, comprehensive metabolic panel. So that’s your
kidney markers some of your liver markers usually there’s a
glucose in there and some of your potassium, calcium, those kind of things. Again, it’s
like a quick screen. It may not give you a whole lot of information and sometimes
they stop there. They’re like, “Yeah everything’s fine”, but they neglect to
look at some of the other important markers like thyroid, like you were
saying. You’re, you know, handling a thyroid issue right now. So sometimes
they’ll run the one screening thyroid marker called the TSH or thyroid
stimulating hormone and then my second, sort of, irritation besides
routine blood work which doesn’t cover very much is our ranges, just like you
said. So you may get a TSH and the range is up to four and sometimes five but
functionally we might want it down around two or two point five, but if you’re at four
point nine and five is the cutoff you may get told you’re fine and you’re not
fine. You’re like you’re like almost there, you’re like almost in the abnormal.
Why wait to get to be abnormal. And it’s the same for other iron markers. A lot of
functional practitioners will run like let’s say a Ferritin, which is a marker
for iron storage but it’s also an inflammation marker. And the range is
ginormous. It’s like 10 to 200 but if you’re at 11 you’re in range and if
you’re at 199 you’re in range and you’re like, “Oh you’re fine. You’re in range.” Like,
no, it’s a hundred ninety point spread, like, we can optimize this
to optimize you and why wait? Why wait until you fall off the cliff to do
something about it.