Hello people and welcome back to and
thank you for yesterday the comments on the video I did and if you haven’t
watched it go and see it obviously just telling you what well I’ve been doing in
the past week I’m super my illnesses but today it’s showing the video because
it’s national fitness day and I’ll see all the gyms are doing different sorts
of competitions event celebrating the day national fitness day is another one
of them days I would say you know like National Biscuit day or not know that’s
dope cake day you know it’s just a day to try and get people getting off their
buns and maybe getting Fitness into their lives you know as we still in this
now and day age we have a lot of people who are very lazy and gaining weight and
it’s not their fault sometimes you know they’re stuck in a rut or their habits
so just just are so much in their head they can’t get it out of their head and
sometimes is motivation they just can’t get no motivation they’ve got no help
and national fitness day is a good day to start it and that’s what I wanted to
do a little video telling you what actually do if you’re now watching this
video or you watch it in multi times and all that luck it’s national fitness day
but it’s just a day it’s just like any other day it’s like say Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day is day where you celebrate being with your loved one what
does that mean it’s the there you actually celebrate being with
that LeBron no a day should not make any difference to you you should be doing it
every single day and I think today would be a good day to start your goals start
your fitness goals get up go for a walk go full run maybe join a gym maybe just
start doing a home workouts there is plenty of ways to start getting fit you
do not have to be one of these gym members like me and do these hard core
workouts you know trying to build muscle building muscle is not everybody’s goal
just getting fit losing weight losing that little bit of belly fat just before
the big season is coming which I’m talking about is Christmas because
obviously christmas is a time when a lot of people do put on a lot of weight
there is so much food about you know and we don’t track our calories at all
around Christmas not even many people in the fitness industry track their
calories around Christmas and you need to think about your health
in the end day I mean if you’re young it’s the perfect time you’ve got that
metabolism where you can eat what you want and nothing can be put on yourself
and but also those people out there who are young and they are obese and you
need to be careful what we’re doing because do you want to be walking around
living your life struggling to breathe you know walking up stairs you know and
not being able to do things that’s just an average person who you don’t have to
go over tough you don’t have to be a crazy freak in there in a fitness
gym you know and work out every single day working the gym for like four hours
until you’re drenched in sweat you don’t have to do that to take it by time like
I said go and just do what it do something you enjoyed it doesn’t have to
be the gym if you like football go and join a club going play football once or
twice a week if you like running go and start in a running club if you’ve got a
dog and you look walking and you love walking the dogs walk a bit further but
don’t just walk them down the lane and that’s it
Len do business you know walk if you buy a nice Park take them socialize because
then you’ll open you’re not your own fitness journey with your old self it
will be with all this you could motivate others you could meet people you know
you might be a quite a lonely person and if you take yourself out of your own
comfort zone and say take your dog to a park where there’s lots of people
walking off you can meet the lovely in life you don’t know and fitness is not
just about getting fit there’s so many benefits to be being fit for it for
instance I am now having a cup of tea and some biscuits yes I am ill and I
don’t feel very well obviously comfort food helped me get better in a way well
because I work out I keep as fit as I possibly can I can have a few biscuits
and it won’t affect my body at all because I know I will burn it off when
I’m at the gym I’m not saying you could eat what you burn off because it’s not
still not the right way about it but you can have that treat unlike if you’re
just sitting there doing nothing and eating the biscuits what I’ll happen is
you’ll just be putting on wait and wait and wait and it’s all just
highly like national fitness day is supported by so many companies and just
go down and see talk to somebody and saying what what what I won I won I lose
a bit of weight you know or I want to get toned and put there be people there
help trying to help you you know there might be groups they can go to and you
might join a group of it with people who are all in your same situation as you
and it’s a good thing to do right there’s too many people now who it will
either obsessed about fitness and do fitness in the wrong way and just
because it is fashionable and if that other people down your inspection where
they’re just doing no fitness at all they are doing
absolutely nothing and they’re sitting in the house playing on computer games
all day and that is the wrong way about it because everybody needs to get some
sort of fitness in them sometime in the day even if it is walking so what I’m
going to say to you is trying gets yourself out there no matter what it is
if it’s from walking to canoeing to rock climbing anything where you’re moving
your body is working out matter what it is as long as you are moving your body
and just try it alright the day is the best day it’s all
over the place so try it you know and stick to it you know get a friend get a
family member to do it with you and then you’ve got a bit of competition between
each other as well which will keep you on track doing it and just give it a go
it won’t be hard if you haven’t done any sort of fitness for a long time but it
see the more and more you do it the easier and easier and you get and you’ll
see results and then you’ll feel better about yourself
anyway enjoy your day and let’s get fit together