Running, I love challenging myself and you can challenge yourself three or four times a week and I really enjoy being
mentally strong that’s one thing I like testing and a lot of workouts get
halfway through and your body’s like stop you need to stop but you tell
yourself no let’s keep going let’s keep on grinding and so that’s kind of the
thing I keep telling myself I say keep on grinding that’s one of the things I say
in my head. So we have a sports psychologist at the west hub named
John who I work with and honestly he’s been one of the most help for me because sometimes I get really into my head and and so he really helps me kind of talk
it out figure out a way to handle it. I try to get the breathing correct because
sometimes like seven deep breaths can kind of change the way you think so I
really focus on my breath and I say, you know, I mean the outcome is what the
outcome is so I don’t really dwell on if I run bad like before a race I feel bad
like if I run bad then it happens it’s part of training everyone has bad races
so it’s I don’t try to overthink it which I keep it really simple for me
it’s like here’s the race strategy here’s what I’m gonna do
I love how much it challenges me. Cause for a while when I was in the hospital
right after I didn’t know how I would challenge myself because in sports like baseball trying to figure out how to strike out a batter that was
my one of my big sports growing up I really enjoyed that and so I put my
right my throwing arm was my right side so that’s someone like a paralyzed my
mom always said she thought I was a really emotional kid just I was high and
low like I was if something bad happened I was really sad but something good
happened I was really happy and she’s like I didn’t know necessarily what way
you were gonna go if you’re gonna be like oh I just kind of give up or am I
gonna really start working hard she was happy to see I went the other way and I
call my injury the best thing is ever happen to me because I’ve met so many amazing people and I met so many… alright I learned some
lessons that I probably would have had to wait 10-15 years to learn I got to
learn the perspectives of you know don’t take life for granted and you know I- my
mom always was big on never say no It might take me longer or yeah it
might take me longer or I might be slower at something then my other
classmates but as long as you get it done make sure that you get it done it
will like I’ll sit I’ll sit with you at the table and help you and talk to you
and so her and I were very much a team we still, my whole family we’re all
a team but her and I you know she’s done a lot for me