alright ok hey guys what is up what's good was Gucci was going on everyone ok so today I have the video for you ok today we're gonna be talking about do things I learned for my 30 day social media detox so I have a couple of disclaimers disclaimer number one is that this 30 day social media detox actually happened back in October and November day so happen from October 23rd to about November like 21st 22nd around that time well okay so the reason why I started in October 2013 is because my birthday is October 22nd okay I was trying to look cute and pull so my birthday okay whatever is a little my birthday okay it was my big birthday and I was about to post so that's a disclaimer number one disclaimer number two is I just want thought this whole video I want everyone to remember that I don't want to come off as hypocritical I don't want to come off as someone who seems like they got it all figured out because there's anyone that is lost in this world it's me and I just want to let it be known that I love social media I love smashed I love butter I love Instagram I love it all oh I don't really care for Facebook good to be honest I love most social media platforms so this isn't like a time to like hate on social media to be cool trendy cuz you know social medias cool a it's fun it's funny you know so it's not that serious so just another thing I want to say is please continue to watch these throughout the whole video don't be a bum first I want to explain why I took my social media detox and why I decided to go 30 days without being on social media it's the last semester I was really going through it like I just was not okay like self-confidence wise just and security was happiness wise I was a happy I was very insecure I was very I just didn't have a lot of self-confidence you know so I really like leaned on social media you know and I just like leaned so much on it that I began to like just seek validation from me I began to just look at it as a way for people to tell me that I was looking cute or that I was funny that I was this this this and I wasn't realizing that it was just feeding my insecurities it was just making me worse like I was becoming more and more unhappy the more I looked for social media to make me happy the more unhappy I became you know and I wasn't even aware that social media was causing these problems you know well it wasn't causing these problems so you know it's security and self-confidence comes from a lot of different things but I just I just realize like social media wasn't helping I was so bad that I would literally text my friends please if you're my friend you know this about me I used to I might I'm not any better it's not like I said best social media detox and I became healed and I became clean because I'm still a social media leper so even to this day I still kind of do this you know I'm working on I'm trying to get better I would text my friends and be like hey like outside my picture even if it was just for my story oh it's in the picture and be like hey should I post this on my story and they'd be like yeah who cares why not just close to other people to think I'm annoying which is a cute enough it's not even like I was worried about some guy like no I just genuinely was so worried about what people thought that I was like I don't to be a bother I don't want to post if it's not cute I just like so worried about my image and that's just was again feeding it some insecurities making me more insecure of a person so that's when I decided like okay I need to take a break I need to get off social media for 30 days I actually tried to force people to do it with me but they were about with it so now I'm gonna tell you three things I learned from the social media detox number one the first thing I learned very quickly is that social media is just a form of escapism I was using social media to run away from my problems I didn't want to face what I was dealing with I didn't want to deal with my security issues I don't want to deal with the fact that I was had such low self-esteem and self-confidence I don't know if you were paying attention in history class when you learned that back in the day like you know during tragic events like the world wars just you know different things that were going on in the world's people leaned on what the most okay I'll tell you you don't have to beg I'll tell you they leave non-entertainment than most so that's what movies were booming in the United States even overseas movies were booming people were just leaning on entertainment in order to distract them from what what's going on in their everyday world and I learned that that is so so true for us now we literally use social media to escape from our world and I just want to clarify that that's not about they a it can be a bad thing you know that's what I'm about to get into but I want to clarify that it can be good or bad you know I understand life is hard and if at the end of the day you want to escape and you want to watch the videos of a cat yanking for or of somebody gay like who knows what you want to watch on social media but if you want to watch that to escape your life you had a hard day do so you'd probably deserve it I just learned that you know while using it to escape from your problems can be can be fine it can be dangerous you know because the more you put off your problems the more it's gonna hurt you when you have to face them and I learned that the hard way so yeah the second thing I learned for my 30-day social media detox is that it's not that serious I swear it's social media is not that serious I promise you I gotta stop giving it so much power over our lives and yo yo am i preaching to the choir on this one what we have to remember is that social media in its most basic form is just a picture posting platform that's it's just it's just a tool to post pictures you know in you know we give it so much power over our lives we look at who looks at our story we're looking at it we're like okay what is this person thinking when they see it what at the end of the day who cares like why is it so serious it's really really not it's just a way to post pictures if you think of pictures cute clothes say and when I tell you I'm talking to myself on this one I'm talking to myself if you think of pictures cute post it if you want if you think something's funny and you think you want to post signals maybe another person will laugh post it because maybe another person will laugh even if they don't respond to it who knows you know maybe someone thought it was cute when she said oh she looks cute like not everyone has to respond to it's not that serious you know and another thing is even when it goes back to if it's not snapped header Instagram Twitter I feel like people get Twitter so much big power because you like people will post their opinions and you feel like if you have an opposite opinion from someone that's posting you're like oh my god okay so do I need to change my opinion do I need to change who I am and what I believe because you see that one tweet that says eating cereal without milk or something has 30,000 to no frickin retweets in you're like okay well maybe I need to be eating cereal without milk no it's not that serious continue as you're continuing do what you got to do you can use social media to learn you can use social media to become a better person so see new things it's fine but it's not that serious we need to stop giving it so much darn power over our lives during that break I was just like yo I learned so much like other so much about myself because I was able to gain my own opinions if I wanted to look cute I wanted split to who cared what people thought I wasn't having to post selfies I don't have to look at you for anybody else other than me it was just like you know I've just learned how unserious social media is and how serious I was making it oh that would obviously took a lot out of me okay so the third and final thing that I learned from my 30 day detox is that the world is a beautiful place and I don't want to miss out so I feel like you know we put so much time and effort into social media that we forget there's a whole world out there to be explored you know it's fine if you want to go on social media it's fine if you want to post nature but just don't miss out on what's going on you know like we love such a short life you know we don't have much time on this earth and it's like you know while you're here you don't want to look back and think 40 snapchats Greeks you know like just the world is so beautiful you want to experience it in whichever way he wants if you want to travel or travel if you want to sit out home or watch Netflix fine that's fine do whatever you want to do but just don't miss out on things that you could be pet you could be so passive about something but you never know because you're investing all that time into social media when you could be investing it into something that could potentially be something you're so passionate about it's something you want to do in life so the world is a beautiful place don't miss out on it always remember that because that is that right there that's just I just fit freaking facts you're welcome I need to have freaking effects jar where every time I spit facts someone puts in a dime because hug would be a freakin millionaire anyways yes even if you've watched this video and you're like already heard all those things that's fine sometimes we need a little reminder in life and I'm here to be that little reminder that sits on your shoulder no this first these things T once more I've never heard this before and you're just like thing that's facts you especially better freaking like the this video and you better freaking comment and subscribe and I want to hear from you guys so tell me things that you learned whether you want to take a social media detox where you think you could benefit we can't benefit yeah you know the whole shebang tell me what you think on this topic so remember once again I will remind you help me help you be entertaining if you want to be entertained you wanna you want to hear some facts being spill on a regular basis subscribe yo like this video tell someone tell at least three people about it and put in the comments the three people you told I will fact to check if you did see if you actually total state people don't test me because I'll do it okay alright bye