So this is my story of trying out being raw for entire 7 days mark, and i have been in costa rica now for about a month and you, know after traveling and doing the tour in the states and being in canada and like launching our new program like we just felt kind of sluggish and just not
Well in a way and so we knew like once we you know came here and settled and we wanted to truly find something that will allow us to detoxify our bodies and allow us to kind of connect deeper with our bodies and our minds and the environment so we thought okay this would be a really cool challenge for us to Do a juice cleanse that’s actually how it started first So we decided we’re gonna go ahead and do a three-day juice cleanse we asked some people questions everyone you know gave us advice we did a little bit of research and kind of just don’t write it like we started it out the day we got our first green juice for like yeah life is good We can do this is gonna be easy and then literally like five hours after it was like i hit a brick wall not freeling feeny becoming frail They, say the first day is the hardest i get the health benefits but man i can’t do anything like writing an email unlike takes every inch of energy hurt me I’m feeling so weird we tried to actually document the first three days but like we’re gonna shoot every single day and we’re gonna talk about you know how we feel and even the Process of just getting the shoot started was the most difficult thing ever we were so indecisive Couldn’t figure out what camera to use like you stand here i stand here we were frustrated with each other And we’ve had one juice of? Green juice with was a parent know so it was cucumbers parsley We did it one day and to be honest i got extremely sick from the juice and i think you know it’s because out of nowhere i just sort of putting all these really heavy like green juices and when i woke up the next day i was like you know what i had to listen to what my body was saying and i decided to stop the juice cleanse but i would continue and challenge myself and Continue to eat, raw foods i’ve always wanted to try a raw food diet and this was my opportunity to do so So after starting the first day with just juicing i feel like my digestive system had a little bit of a break got a little sick So in the morning when i woke up i started to slowly introduce foods again so i would start with a smoothie and then a little bit of fruit and surprisingly even after one day of juicing like i felt like my stomach shrunk like my portions were cut in half right away which was a little bit crazy that took one day To do that and then yeah i just started slowly introducing like different fresh fruits veggies and you know my breakfast always started with a really filling smoothie bowl do i top it with lots of fresh fruits superfoods cacao nibs hemp seeds like anything that would you know really fuel me up for the day when it’s da good morning i am on day, six now of the raw challenge and for breakfast i made the most amazing thing today i made this frozen banana smoothie blended with almond milk and cacao nibs and then i topped it with passion fruit mango pineapple and morgantown it’s because in my little chocolate zest and it looks amazing and i’m so excited to eat it One of my main inspirations for you know taking on a challenge like the raw challenge was to truly just give myself the opportunity to connect with my body and understand it a little bit deeper and that’s actually just like the app that sponsored this video today called clue and it’s a free app that you can download on your phone on your tablet It’s for the female audience and what it is it allows you to track how your menstrual cycle affects your body your overall well-being from you know your moods your skin your hair i Mean it’s everything even your fertility and i think apps like that just are there for you to use on a daily Basis, to again just Understand how your environment eyre everyday activities to the foods you’re eating affect your everyday life if you guys want to try out this app there’s a link below in the description Of the video and it’s free so go ahead and give it a try this is our little office here in our home at our laptop water man this is gonna be fun three days but the thing i found with Going rods that i would get hungry a lot faster so it always you don’t have to keep snacking or fuelling myself and? for lunches i would have you know some sort of fresh green salad or chop up veggies lots of tahini sauce love tahini sauce and then you know i just try to kind of switch it up throughout the day another my favorite meals for these salad rolls which is again like veggies wrapped in rice paper dipped into he need us to get him obviously obsessed with tahini sauce And that’s the thing like now that i go through it and talk about my meals i feel like that’s one of the things that? Kind of bothered me about the raw died is that i felt Personally that i didn’t have a variety to choose from i love food like i love Creating different you know things with food and cooking them in a certain way so this Part of it was definitely a challenge for me and at times i had like even touched my mind being like ah like i’m almost Sick of it i don’t want, to have another? Salad i’m sick of a smoothie like i want something else so it was interesting to watch my mind to go through these patterns so we pulled up by this organic little store and they had in frost cinnamon buns it’s incredible i’ve never seen anything like this it’s plantain with dates and coconut meat coconut oil cinnamon and it actually like a cinnamon bun wow I need to figure out. How to do this holy crap You, know sometimes i attempt any sort of sugar cravings even with for example like a a banana, ice cream where you literally just blend frozen bananas to a point where they they taste like ice cream and that would really fuel Me up for a little bit but then again like so it’s just this this weird cycle and this is what i’m doing is i’m putting these orange slices in the waters so i like drinking this much water and then we also have mint in our little tiny garden That i like to also put into this water as well and what’s really interesting if you look at the study of ayurvedic medicine you know everybody has their doshas and i’m more of a vata pitta dosha if that dosha requires a little bit more grounding and so switching up my diet really allowed me to see what worked and what did it there’s certain things that my body went through for example i’d feel really really bloated like once a day at least i just feel like my stomach was bloated up and it was confusing like i thought i’m eating like a very healthy raw diet like why am i so bloated and apparently it’s because you know raw food is a lot harder on your digestive system so My digestive system had to work really hard to digest the raw food and i guess overall for me i just felt a little bit lower on the energy side like for example i love going up for runs On the beach hair in the morning and what i was eating raw like i just felt like my body was just, not as strong i get tired really fast and i just didn’t feel like i had enough energy so So i was kind of almost waiting for it to be done so i could have some cooked food and some veggies and stir-fry It was so interesting For once to actually feel how food affected me i feel that we eat So much on a day-to-day basis that we don’t even realize how the fuel you’re putting into your body affects your mood affects your your being your energy level and when i did a one day fast technically we juice and then i put fruits and healthy foods into my diet i felt this burst of energy it was so interesting because it mean you really realized that what we put into our bodies is so important you know it’s it’s our fuel it’s the energy you put into it as well like what kind of energy are you welcoming into your own digestive system into your being like when we start to look at food in that sort of way is more of energy more of as frequency that is part of everything that you are i think it’ll help us make better choices and all the way to a beautiful place called the body tree and we’re going, to take a transformational yoga class with our friends chris hawk who the deejaying live during the yoga he’s mixing in the energy healing sort of giving physical energy what i do it again i mean i love the idea of an 80/20 diet meaning that 80% of Your diet is brawn than 20% is not So you know for example breakfast and lunch could be raw and then your dinner is something a little bit more comforting i think that would be a perfect diet for me because naturally that’s how i eat you know i start my days always with some kind of fruits i Love smoothies so that that has no change for me if i’m wrong or just vegan? and then you know having lunches that are involved a lot of salads and again smoothies that’s wonderful but then having that comforting Meal at dinnertime i think is something that’s really helped me and ground me to start the day so ending the 80/20 by week more my style than a fully raw diet In the end i think what’s most important is that We truly tune into our own bodies and listen to them listen to how our bodies respond to food you, know spigen diet and a raw vegan diet i mean there’s not that much difference except the cooked portion of food yes there’s a big difference between a vegan diet and a regular you know north american diet that includes a lot of Animal products dairy products because those products actually cause harm to your body because harm to our environment they contribute to a lot of horrible things in this world but when you Take that to the side and you compare vegan diet and a raw vegan diet i mean it really you’re not harming the environment with any of them you’re not hurting the animals with any of them you are fueling your body in the most wonderful way it’s just truly understanding of what works for you so if you’re one of those people that needs that grounding the comforting you know then maybe a vegan diet is the best thing you should be doing but maybe you thrive on just raw Vegetables and foods and that’s for you so you know i just wanted to share my experience of how i felt Rob you can diet is not for me vegan diet is definitely what i will stick with but i’m all for trying new things All the time new challenges to challenge my body to challenge my line is just to truly understand how this physical form of mine reacts to the fuel i put into my body you