(“De Juerga #001” by Dj
Wogi and Daniel Bellido) (singing in foreign language) (funky upbeat music)
(people chattering) (child screaming) (funky upbeat music)
(people chattering) (burps) (giggles) – [Mom] I was totally recording. – No you weren’t, stop it.
– Yes, I was! Maybe we’ll see some deer. What’s goin’ on? – We’re driving to Grandma’s house. – [Mom] Where were you today? – I was at gymnastics practice. (mom laughs) – You totally spit. – I did? – Yes. I was at gymnast. (bell dings) – [Mom] Swallow, start over. All right, take two, take three. We deleted the burp. All right, what’s goin’ on, Whit? – I am driving to Grandma’s house. – [Mom] So what did you do today? – I had gymnastics
practice at Georgia Elite. – [Mom] Yeah, why that gym? – Because I switched gyms today. – [Mom] Yeah, so today was
your first official day? – Yes.
– at Georgia Elite? – Mm-hmm. – [Mom] How’d it go? – Good. – [Mom] Are you excited? – Yes. – [Mom] ‘Kay. (laughs) So you’re gonna be in
their Elite program there? – Yes. – [Mom] Awesome. Workin’ out with the other Elites? – Yep. – [Mom] Cool beans. – Beaners.
– Beaners. All right, anything else, what are you working on today that’s new? – Mmm… – [Mom] Or this past week? – Oh. I worked on Higgins yesterday. And front tucks on the beam. And twisting dismounts on bars. – Yeah?
– Yeah. – [Mom] Awesome, so you love it? (mumbles) ♫ Tra la la la – [Mom] All right, let’s
see if we can see any deer. I think the deer house is like right– – [GPS] In 10,000 feet, turn left. – [Mom] Hold on, hold on,
we’re gonna see some deer. Oh, right, there they are, way up there. You probably can’t see ’em. There was just one.
– All you can see is your jacket. – [Mom] That’s not my blue jacket. – Yeah.
– No it’s not! – [Whitney] Look again! Look at your blue jacket. – [Mom] That’s not. Whoa, but look at those deer. Shh, turn that down. I got a dirty window. (camera jostling) You have ’em? – [Whitney] Yeah. – [Mom] Good. – [Whitney] Yeah, where’s the baby? (mom whispering) Oh. – [Mom] He’s looking at us. – [Whitney] He’s like what are you doing? – [Mom] Smell you, smell you lady. Oh, I’m outta here. – [Whitney] I’m not good at
holding the camera steady. He’s like, what are you doing? – [Mom] Ooh, I’m driving off the ditch. – [Whitney] He’s so cute. (cheerful music)