Hello everyone. Do you want to know what I
got in my doTERRA Loyalty Rewards subscription box this month? If you do, keep watching because
in this video I’m going to show you all the products that I got and the exclusive free
product that came in this loyalty subscription box. Hi, I’m Mandy Sommers and for the best essential
oil education, hit the subscribe button and don’t forget to click the bell button so that
you’re notified every single time I post a brand new essential oil video. If you’re interested
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to break the bank, I have a great way of doing this by joining doTERRA’s loyalty rewards
program where every single month you get a subscription box full of wellness products
that you get to choose the amount you want to spend and the type of products you want
to receive and it comes right to your door and you can add a little bit of wellness to
your life every single month. I have been using essential oils for eight
years now and this is the program that I use to build up my oil supply and my knowledge
on how to use natural solutions to help empower my family so that we have options. If you
stick around till the end, I have a really fun gift to give you that you can download
that will help increase your wellness. First of all this month doTERRA has a couple exclusive
items and of course I had to max those out because I love doTERRA’s new deodorant line
and they added a flavor this month. This is our Citrus Bliss. This is an essential oil
infused natural deodorant and I actually haven’t even smelled it yet. So let me open it up.
We love the Balance deodorant. I just went to like, “Have you smell it?” And no one’s
there, but the camera, this smells really good. So they also have a Greek Wild Orange deodorant
that we love. My husband actually uses the Balance one, I like to use the Greek Wild
Orange, but anytime they release a limited time only I max out my account. And so this
month you could buy four. Here they are, one, two, three, four just to keep on hand. All
my kids love doTERRA deodorant. It’s very soft and gentle on the skin. It does not have
the disgusting toxins that a lot of the other brands do. And so we love using that. Now
we also went on a family vacation this summer, and I don’t know if it was actually… It
was a family vacation. It was just a lot of hard work. We hiked or trekked long days in
the Wyoming Wind and camp and it was kind of a pioneer experience. And so we all came
home with chapped lips. So I got some of the doTERRA chap stick to go along with. Okay, let’s see what else we have here. Now
I live really close to doTERRA, so it used to be when I lived in California, this would
get delivered to my door in a box and now I go pick them up. And so they’re in a bag.
Now every single month, you guys, if you are not taking the Lifelong Vitality pack, you’re
missing out. This Lifelong Vitality pack is amazing. And you know, it’s interesting, when
I first joined doTERRA, somebody told me this was the number one reordered product, and
I have never been a supplement taker. And so I really struggled to like get into the
Lifelong Vitality bandwagon until I had my stroke and I really needed that extra energy. And the Lifelong
Vitality pack does a great job at helping your body produce co-factors or energy to
really fuel your body throughout the day. It also really moisturizes your ligaments
and joints, and it has all the vitamins and minerals in it that you need for the day. So unless you’re getting nine to 12 servings
of fruits and vegetables a day, which I tend to get, you’re not getting enough vitamins
and minerals, just the bare minimum. So, I actually last week had two toddlers staying
with us when my sister was having twins. She’s super mom and I didn’t take my Lifelong Vitality
pack for about three days. And by day three, just because I was busy and I was out of my
routine, I was dragging. And so I’ve really begun to rely on this amazing Lifelong Vitality
pack. It just gives me some really great energy. If a natural energy boost sounds amazing to
you, comment yes below. So when you order the Lifelong Vitality pack,
you also have the option of customizing it and getting some products at a deep discount.
You get three additional supplements at a deep discount. I always order the TerraZyme.
There we go. So TerraZyme is an enzyme that helps break the food down that you eat so
that your bowels and your gut function better. So I actually got two of those and then I
got PB assist. The PB means probiotic, we added that to the Lifelong Vitality pack.
Probiotics are really great for the gut health also and so that’s super important to us.
Now I’m getting ready to do the doTERRA 30 day cleanse because I haven’t done it in a
while. And so I added to my order this month, GX assist and I will post a link below so
you can download the 30 day guide and it actually has little check boxes that you can check
off so that if you want to follow that and do the 30 day detox every single day, you
can check off everything that you do. It’s awesome. I love it. So I will post that in
the link below. Now, as part of the 30 day detox that I’m
doing, one of my favorite concoctions is called the Skinny Jeans Blend and it’s one that you
have to make up yourself. And so I added Veggie Caps because I’m out and the Skinny Jeans,
it’s just an oil blend is you take pink pepper and black pepper and yarrow palm and two others,
turmeric and I believe frankincense. I can post that below as well. And you fill these
little capsules. Let me open this up for you. You fill these capsules full of one drop of
each of those and it basically, it just helps boost your metabolism and get your system
really functioning at high function. So here’s an empty capsule and you just simply open
it up and then you dump the oils in that. That is why I got those Veggie Caps. If you
want me to share the Skinny Jeans recipe, comment skinny jeans below so that I know
if there’s a bunch of you that want it and it’s worth posting. I also got some Trim Shake
because I love Trim Shake, great breakfast. We take DDR Prime on a monthly basis. My husband
and I, so that was in our subscription box as well. And because I’m getting ready to
do the 30 day detox, I also got some Zendocrine. ​
I love the soap that doTERRA has and I don’t know how I almost ran out. So we got some
of the bars of soap. And then finally, lastly, the last thing that I got, and this is the
free item that we got in our subscription box this month. It’s exclusive. You actually
cannot buy this. This is Laurel Leaf. Laurel Leaf, it smells… Oh, it smells so wonderful.
I wish you could smell it. You know, last month they did Summer Savory or in June and
it was totally yucky. But Laurel Leaf actually has a lovely smell
to it and it invites creativity emotionally and it’s just a really great fun oil to have.
You know, traditionally the laurel leaf was used as a crown for the Olympics and so it
really helps people feel successful and victorious, kind of boosts their confidence along with
some other great benefits. So that was the free product that I got with my awesome subscription
box net. Now not only did I get the free product, but
when you are part of the doTERRA loyalty rewards system and you order on a monthly basis, you
get to choose what you want to order, how much you want to order, when you want to order
or things like that. And you can order just a small amount or a great amount. I get 30%
back in loyalty reward points. So for every dollar that I spend, I get 30 cents in essential
oil points back. And so I end up getting, if I spend $100, $30 back to spend on free
product, and that’s how I get a lot of my products for free. You know, I think it was
last month I ended up with like a boat load of free products and that’s how I got those.
Was just these monthly orders. So this month I ended up getting $60, right
around $60 of loyalty reward points from what I purchased. And so I end up getting a deeper
discount even though we get the 25% off for the wholesale membership that anybody who
has one gets. I actually end up getting a greater discount because I get a bunch of
products for free. So that’s what’s in my Wellness Box. I would
love to hear if you’ve got a loyalty rewards subscription box, I’d love to hear in the
comments below what you got and if you don’t have one but you saw something that you want
to try, I would love to hear something that intrigued you in the comments below. If you’re
interested in finding out how to do the 30 day doTERRA cleanse, I’ve created a download
for you with the products that I’ll be using and a checklist that you can check off throughout
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