what's going on Irma nation we're here in the gym and I'm going to perform for you guys my personal leg workout now if you notice the other workouts I like to do a burn set for the first set Y do basically a drop set I like to do my legs a little differently okay and you'll see why this is really going to help build out the quads the glutes the hams calves everything and I like to take my time I like to destroy the miles of tissue what I like to do first then start off with squats okay the only exercise where I do more than eight reps on wax to not take that back doing the calves as well but for this exercise I like to do three sets of 20 reps with 245 okay yo final works best for you but after those three sets I like to do one set with my feet really close together of eight reps with 225 okay my first I got a nice wide stance and the wide stance allowed to may go a little bit lower zip I put a little bit more we also notice when I do a wide stance I hold the bar lower on my back okay so first I'm going to do is 20 reps with 245 and then I would do two more sets I'm not gonna do those on the workout and then I'm going to do the 225 first at eight okay so let's start like I said I'm gonna hold the bar all over on my back because I have a wider stance hold your hands nice and close make sure you push through your heels keep your head up arch back don't knees Patrick throws so that it's running from the first set second set and third set now I'm going to do just lower it I recommend using Clips so that when I go up and down the weights on slide and if you're OCD we can make sure the surface it wind up to when you're doing legs I reckon I have a water boil see that's mine and drink water all right now for the fourth step that I would do close crimp I mean close stance for a set of eight with 225 he owns the barbers a lot higher my shoulders don't see what now I have to go slower on these two and I gotta push through your heels and that's the first exercise make sure you're resting 30 to 60 60 seconds in between your sets okay so the next exercise is called the hack squat now the way you do a hack squat if you the right way you're really going to target your glutes you should walk funny after so what you want to do on this machine three sets of six to eight reps okay and now however you'll have mine to set off into twenty five now you don't put your feet back here okay a couple things you want to do your feet I think about two here because when you sit back okay you have to bring your butt back like this so when you come down it's like you're sitting in a chair all right second thing make sure when you do this exercise there's plenty of weights on the stacks on the sides of the machine totally happened once I didn't make sure I came down when I came back up the whole machine flips to the side and it was kind of funny but won't be funny if you get hurt so make sure you do that all right six to eight reps make sure your body's in the middle of the scene bring your feet out once your feet are out sit back come down to 90 degrees and push through your heels two more sad six to eight reps pesco the next machine and you'll feel this rate in your bum so we're going to do now then go to the leg extension like extension machine now I already have this machine set up for me what you want to make sure is we sit down this pad rest right above your ankles and that this pad is far enough forward so that your knees are in line with the pivot point of the machine okay so six to eight reps what I like to do is instead of holding the handles here I like to hold back there so I pull myself into the seat so the weight doesn't pick my butt up off the seat also I like to do is in between these sets even though I don't do ABS on my leg day we're all I have to do is get down and just do some crunches while I'm waiting for my legs gets managed you back to do more leg extensions and usually can get in about a set of 30 before we do next set now once you do three sets of six to eight reps in this machine you're then going to lower the weight and you're going to do single leg extensions now you can do this multiple ways and sit down like this head up one foot off the side or vice versa like that you can keep both feet behind the pad and flip it one leg and switch the way I like to do it is I like to keep one foot down one foot up here like this Jam myself in because for me with my leg here this is pushing me back so I'm going to drive my energy forward okay six to eight reps inch leg toe up and really focus on burning out that quad soon as you're done this may feel tight because of all the blood in your leg I like it I like to do was actions go back forth back forth back forth and so what the three sets looks like once you finish those you go to the leg curl machine see the leg curl and again when you sit down you want to make sure your knees are aligned with the pivot point of the machine which is right here and put your feet on top of the pad now you want to keep your toes up and drive your heels to your butt on the way down okay you can use these handles if you want one of my tricks so they put my hands like this and I push them to the pad that allows me to keep myself in the seat a lot easier so that's the way I'm going to do it and again three sets of six to eight reps slow on the way up take the rest two more sets of six to eight reps go to the next machine next machine we're going to do is actually a single leg curl there's lots of different styles of this machine some of your gyms might have something like this where you do one leg move side to side but I have a personal favorite in my gym going to you this down here all right so everything tightening up this is only the preview to the work all right so this is a single micro machine okay it's simply going to do is get on here and again six to eight reps per leg get on top keep your back arched keep a neutral spine keep your toes pointing up when you heal your buck breathe all the way up so you're done Lay's machine works pull and twist bring that side down bring that side up and now the other side extensions on single leg curls I had to go back forth back forth back forth until I finished three sets on each side now next thing I like to do is come over here to calf press this is actually called a donkey calf press okay and I have to do sets of 45s I found that your calves respond to higher repetitions okay so what I'm going to do is 45 reps but I'm going to do three different kinds okay first kind is it set of 15 feet together and make sure you dip your heels all the way down and then push all the way up to 3 good that's 15 for the first seconds that can go wide like this okay keep it like straight dip down come back up as high as you can once that's complete bring your feet middle turn them out like straight 15:15 reps as soon as the nose you know two more sets and the last thing I like to do is no Akash gene see you calf raises you're going to sit down and do three sets of thirty keeping the same principle of mine of dipping the heel down as low as you can and then going up as high as you can so if your feet on the edge slide forward dip down straight up to two more sets of 30 okay done the legwork out hope you guys enjoyed it will be anxious to try it and as always will good stuff coming soon later guys