(upbeat music) – Hey HealthNuts, welcome
back to my channel. My name’s Nikole, and today we’re doing a spring morning routine. First day of spring I
think was just last week, so I thought I would
just like get right into the spirit of spring
because it still feels pretty cold outside, it’s
in the negative right now in terms of temperature,
but I’m wearing a skirt, you can’t tell but I am wearing a skirt, so I’m trying to embrace the spring vibes and I’m just having my fingers crossed that summer is around
the corner and I thought it’d be really fun to
kinda share with you guys another morning routine, ’cause
I know you guys love these, and I’m really excited because today, I am partnering up with Four Sigmatic who are sponsoring today’s video. I’ve worked with them before, I love their mushroom mix teas, and
some of my favorites are the golden milk mushroom mix, they also have a delicious chai latte which is really warm and
soothing and delicious, perfect for like an afternoon treat, and then if you want
just like a chill pill for bedtime or just if you’re
feeling a little overwhelmed you can try the reishi
and these are my favorites ’cause I don’t drink coffee. I feel like everyone’s so shocked
when they hear me say that so I usually drink like herbal tea, herbal coffee, but I really
like that Four Sigmatic has really fun blends that also have like superpowers in them. So they all contain
different medicinal mushrooms that are good for different
things, whether it’s energizing, calming, digestion, they have something for like basically everything
and they’re just easy, it’s an easy way to get these
mushrooms into your routine so I just like making
lattes or drinks out of them but I’m gonna show you
guys in today’s video a really fun iced latte
drink that is so delicious. So let’s hop right in, I’ll show you guys my morning routine for spring. Good morning. I’m so excited, it’s finally spring and I can’t wait to share with you guys the things I’ve been
loving to do right now. Of course first thing I do is I just chug a big glass of water. I keep it right beside my
bed and it’s the first thing I do when I open my
eyes, just to rehydrate my cells and my body from within. The next thing I do in the
morning is I will meditate. So usually Matt will be in
the shower, doing his thing in the bathroom while I
meditate in the bedroom and this is just something
that really helps set the tone for my day. I’ve been doing it for over a year now and it has honestly changed my life. The type of meditation I
do is called self hypnosis but really whatever
meditation works for you is the best kind, and
it’s just, I listen to like a pre-recorded tape, some people like to stay quiet or listen to music. I like some type of talking
or guided meditation, so find something that works well for you and try to implement it into your life on a regular basis. When I wake up from it,
I’ll usually give myself a big stretch, pop my
glasses on because I’m blind in the morning, and make my bed. And kind of the rule in our household is the last person that
leaves the bed makes the bed so since I usually do my
meditation while Matt’s like in the shower and
stuff getting ready, I’ll usually make the
bed, but on some mornings, usually on the weekend when he sleeps in, he makes the bed. I threw on some yoga
clothes and made my way over to our kitchen, so
I’m gonna make myself some lemon water, which I’ve shown this many times before, I’m also gonna do my little lemon hack
where I quarter my lemon to get more juice out of it when using my citrus squeezer. I’m just gonna squeeze out
the juice from about half to three quarters of a lemon. This was like a small lemon,
and I’ll just put that into a glass, fill it up
with some filtered water, and I usually just
drink it through a straw so I can protect my teeth. I have very sensitive
teeth and I just think that citrus right on your
teeth is a little bit strong so I’ll drink it through a straw and I’ll rinse my mouth afterwards. So then I headed over to my yoga mat and I’m just sniffing some essential oils. I love just smelling or
putting essential oils on my body in the morning. I think it’s just really uplifting. I was using orange here and it’s just like the perfect scent for spring,
so I’ll usually diffuse it or just rub it in between
my wrists like I did here, and on the back of my neck,
and usually I will actually go to the gym in the
morning but for the purpose of this video, I thought I would just do some yoga at home. I also just love to do some stretches if I don’t feel like going out that day or if it’s too cold or
for whatever reason, I’ll just roll out my mat and
do some yoga right at home. I also love any type of
stretching or twisting in the morning, I think
it just really helps wake up your body. It kind of gives you like a
natural, energizing boost. I’ve also just been
trying to make it a habit to move my body every single
day, especially because I work from home, I’m not commuting so I think it’s extra important
for me to go to the gym or get out and move my body. After yoga, I just hopped
into the shower, scrubbed off my body, I’ve been loving this
natural sea sponge lately. It’s biodegradable, and I
think it’s just way less waste than using those loofah ones that you have to throw out all the time. I didn’t wash my hair on this day ’cause if you know me, I only wash my hair like a couple times a week. Spritzing some rosewater on
my face as well as some serums that I’ve just been obsessed with. I have some vitamin C and
hyaluronic acid serum. I’ve been really enjoying
my skincare routine lately so I’ll be sure to link all the products I’ve been using down below
for you guys to check out. And just like that, I’m dressed. I just threw on a denim
skirt and just like a cotton tee shirt,
throwing on some deodorant and I’m gonna just do some light makeup, but while I do that, I’m
gonna listen to a podcast. I love listening to podcasts
while I’m getting ready, just kind of helps me multitask in a way, I feel like I could just take my time because I feel like I’m also
absorbing some information, something educational, inspirational, so I’m listening to this
one by Mimi and Alex Ikonn. So I usually will start off with just kind of BB or CC cream, I love this one, I’ve been using it for
probably a year now. I will also link it down below. It just has sunscreen in
it so it’s really good for the sunshine that’s
starting to peek out. It’s moisturizing and it also helps just kinda even out your skin tone. Throwing on some light powder,
lightly filling my brows. I did get them henna’d recently, and it’s a type of hair
dye that I got done and I find I barely have
to do anything to them and I’m just putting on some mascara. I’m keeping it really
simple and light today. To be honest, on most days
I don’t wear a lot of makeup so when I do, I just
like to keep it simple. Brushing my teeth. Now it’s time for breakfast. So for breakfast, I’m gonna start by first boiling some water so I can make my golden milk iced latte. So as I mentioned, my
three favorite blends from Four Sigmatic are
the reishi, chai latte, and golden latte mushroom mixes. Now that my water’s
boiled, I’m just gonna add the golden latte mushroom mix to a mug, gonna fill that up with the hot water. Give it a good mix, and
I’m just making this first before I make the rest of my breakfast, ’cause I want it to cool
slightly because I am gonna turn it into an iced drink. For breakfast, I’m having, you guessed it, avocado toast, so I have
some multigrain bread here I just toasted, I’m spreading
on some vegan cream cheese. I’m not vegan but I just
really like this one but regular cream cheese
would work as well. I’m gonna mash on some nice ripe avocado. You know it’s gonna be a
good day when you open up your avocado and it’s like perfectly ripe, which this one was, and
I’m just gonna mash it right over top of the cream cheese. Sprinkling on some nutritional yeast. I honestly add this to everything. Dried chili flakes, even
if you don’t like spice, I find dried chili
flakes aren’t too spicy. I really like them on avocado toast. Some black pepper and sea salt, a very small drizzle of truffle oil because not only is it really strong, but it’s also very expensive
so I just use a little bit. Now back to the golden milk iced latte. In a large mason jar I’m gonna fill it up with some ice cubes,
add in the golden latte mushroom mix, I actually
ended up blending it slightly just to make it extra frothy and creamy, and then I’m gonna top it off with some unsweetened oat milk or almond milk, whatever you like, give it a stir, and honestly, this is so good. I just think it’s the best
summer drink and you seriously need to try it, you can
tell by the look on my face. It was, in fact, delicious. And now it’s time to get into my office, enjoy my breakfast, do some work. We’re actually doing a
spring clean sale right now in the HealthNut shop
so I was just going over our new bundles, checking out everything and starting my workday. Oh, so good, you guys
need to make this drink. It’s delicious, I’m sure
you can make it with like any of the other mushroom blends that Four Sigmatic has, but if you guys want to try one of their mushroom teas, I have a coupon code like I said. I’ll have a link down below for 15% off, and they have a whole
selection of different fun superpower mushroom
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