Hey everyone so it is 2015 now. I decided to start with a fitness Routine cuz you all asked me on Instagram and
Twitter and on my previous fitness videos and everything. So Im just gonna show you guys some of the things that i’ve been trying to do I’m really bad at like eating healthy
and clean so I’ve been trying to do that for the new year, kinda like a resolution but not really cause after a month I just
start eating again like *A LOT* anyways we’re starting a new Year so I’m gonna try to be a new me and eat healthy so I’m just gonna share with you guys some of the things that I do and what I try to do and I’ve been trying to go to the gym a lot lately so let’s go into the video!
that way first things first I light up a candle because it just sets
me in the mood and then I just light like a bunch more
because..obsession and I get my favorite tea right now
which is the clipper humm green tea with strawberry I love
this stuff it’s amazing and its organic I love drinking green tea because he has
so many benefits one of them is actually that prevents
diabetes and it speeds up your metabolism and
there are a bunch more benefits that you can get from this tea so if you can read through it online
that would be great for you because it is actually really good so this is
what I have in the morning while I’m sitting down on my computer I normally put on my Flex Belt this
basically tones your abdominal area and it
literally makes you have abs I posted a picture on my Instagram and you guys all asked me to do a fitness routine so
that’s why I am including this in because this is what got me to have
abs because I’m terrible at actually trying to you do sit ups and everything
I am currently a level 76 I’m very proud of myself. it really has
been working for me so if you are trying this or you will
try it let me know how you doing on my twitter or Instagram just
for the comment because I actually wanna know it doesn’t feel like it hurts the
next day at all just feels normal so this has been
basically my life The reason why I got this product was
because everyone on Instagram and Twitter were talking about this so I just decided to give it a try and
if you’re asking me “Vania does this actually work?” for me it did and I am
very happy with the results so I’m just gonna leave like links below
just in case you guys wanna try this out another great thing about about is that
you can just plug it in to charge it again an after using it you just need to
protect it with this plastic Moving on to the gym part I’ve been
trying to go to the gym like twice a week because I am currently in Qatar and I don’t have
like a lot of time because I try to go out with my mum and friends so when I do go to the gym I try and run like half an hour and that I do some
stretches and I do some exercises as which I’m
really bad at let me tell you I and not flexible at all but I try my
best another thing that I think it’s fun to do is aerobic I think that’s the name and I have
no shoes on because I forgot my trainers back in UK so let’s just go with it I’m just doing it
barefoot whatever but I like to jump up and down
like it doesn’t really feel like exercising
so I do that and then I just stretch and I do some
situps and a bunch of other things that I just
check online and as you can see I was pretty much done
right there I was dying so I am drinking water and water is very
important so don’t get that step and another thing that I’d like to do is going for walks . This is basically I don’t consider like exercise because
I’m just like basically walking having fun and yes I’m wearing converse because as
I said before I left my trainers back in UK so I’m sorry for that. I don’t do this I promise. Bit I just go for like walks in the
park and I’m just wearing this comfy shirt
from Brandy Melville Leaggins and then my all-stars because don’t have trainers , soz And OMG look who’s here..Its my baby sister she came with me to the park with my mum as
well and she just like walking around So I just literally wanted to tell
you guys that you don’t need to run to actually lose
weight. You can just walk and it’s fun and cool and you get some
fresh air So that is it for my video today I really hope you guys
enjoy this one if you did you know what to do..give it a LIKE! if you would like to give it a like also leave me a comment down bellow with your twitters because I’m gonna follow people and I’m gonna start favouriting every single tweet and try to reply as much as I can Also I reply to comments on instagram and everything so if you do wanna check out Everything is in the description box bellow and I cannot wait to talk to you and lets be friends because I have no friends So I will talk to you beautiful people in my next video, Byeee