Hey guys, I’m Loretta/KemushiChan! I uploaded a Giveaway video a few weeks back and I really was shocked by how many of you listened through and commented on that video! Thank you! People answered in 3 types of ways They either had no problem answering and were kind of advanced There were some who got the answers right but seemed to have a little trouble and then some like “I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU”RE SAYING” “WHAT DO I DO –AHHH” So, from here forward, how I’m going to do this is I’ll break up the answers into Japanese levels so you an still answer depending on your level but that will be at the end of this video. For those of you who didn’t win, I’m going to run another Storytime Quiz, here in this video! I ran across these at Shinjuku station, the other day they were on sale, these schedule books for 70% off But they’re so cute and I don’t get why you guys love it but the oh-so-popular Star Wars design was pretty cute so I bought these. Since these are just schedule books. I’ll pair them with some Japanese brand CAMPUS notebooks for the giveaway. At the end they also have Japanese subway maps and cool things like that and the designs are really cute so Yeah! We’ll try that. Which means that today is another Japanese “StoryTime” listening quiz game type of thing! And you know what that means! The subtitles! Are! About! To… STOP!!! Alright, let’s get this storytime going! 15 years ago I began studying Japanese language and culture and like, even from the States I thought that Japan has amazing style and fashion. For example, even people who don’t like Japan no the name “Harajuku”. That’s how known the fashion center is. But I actually had a culture shock regarding fashion here because it’s not just lolita and high-end fashion… even in everyday life with normal clothes so many people are extra careful about their appearance here. So, I moved to this apartment 6 months ago around the end of last summer. And thanks to that, I was reminded how crazy Japanese fashion is. I moved here at the end of August and as it began to get cooler I got in the mood to take up jogging. Now, I’m not the sport-y type at all but like, I know I won’t stay thin, if I do nothing so for the last 2-3 years or so I’ve taken up jogging about 3x a week. I just kind of do it casually though. My brother’s a doctor and he told me that if I want to exercise I shouldn’t worry about experience equipment and for now to just use what’s around me to just give it a try, by starting simply. He told me I should just start somewhere. So that’s why Ilike… just used what I already had and would jog in that. In New York I was the same way, Instead of cute clothes, I’d just borrow some from Boomer like Basketball shorts and an oversized Tshirt and could just get started easily, everyday that way. Just twice or 3x a week, without worrying about gym memberships I could just start at my own pace and enjoy exercise. That’s just how I did it. But, this isn’t America, it’s Japan. It’s my first time exercising outside in Japan. So yeah, I was nervous. I had just moved to this city so I don’t know what people would think of me what will they think of foreign-little me? And the elderly neighbors… what will they think? So yeah, I was nervous and I’m already embarassed to jog outside. But, other way I got out there. Like, “Today’s the day! I’ll finally do it!” Pulled on my basketball shorts put on my Tshirt, and went out. Stepped out like, “Ahh yes, how fun!” “I haven’t felt this in so long…” a beautiful breeze had begun to blow and it was so fun to finally explore my new neighborhood! I finally saw it all with my own eyes having fun as I rounded the corner and so everyone out walking their dogs. I paused for a second, but swallowed my nerves and ran straight through them. “Don’t worry!” I thought, avoiding their gaze, but I kept noticing they were looking like; “ack, why are they staring?!” and when I finally turned the last corner I kinda half bumped, skidded past this guy who was out walking his dog, too. He was startled like: “whoOHO~!” Could’ve been my foreign face, or just me almost running into him that shocked him I’m not really sure but since he was so startled I was then was liek: “AHCHIOrjeio” and rolled my ankle. gosh, that hurt so bad. It sucks to roll your ankle when you’re running and I just couldn’t deal with the embarassment of their STARES. So I just ran all the way home. Since then, I stopped jogging. Like, I’m sure it’s fine to jog if I’m just more confident like, who cares but, some how, going out like I did in NY in baggy shorts and a Tshirt I felt I can’t just go outside like that in Japan. So, don’t worry this isn’t sponsored but, I bought this all-black suit at Uniqlo It’s jogging pants and a hoodie! Because I want to jog again. And you know, I want to run! I want to start again this year. With normal everyday things like trash or cleaning outside I feel like I have to get completely dressed or face embarassment if I go outside. I also can’t go without makeup anymore. Like just somehow people really care about appearances here. And that’s the shock I felt again when I moved to my new town. So for the giveaway of StarWars schedule and Japanese notebooks You can answer on an easy or hard level. For the easy level, you only answer one question. I mentioned an outfit that I would wear in this story what was the top and bottom of this outfit? For the difficult level, I want you to answer 2 questions. Briefly describe the story I mentioned my brother What does he have to do with this story? If you answer the easy or hard version, the prizes are the same Just also tell me which of the schedule book you like and we’ll go from there! OK! Well, I promised that I would announce the winner of the PREVIOUS story time so let’s do that now! It’s time to announce the winners of the last Storytime! Almost 30 different people said they felt kind of left out so I decided that I should break up the prizes into different levels, and we’ll do it like that So the 3rd level, consolation prize is for people who couldn’t understand but still wanted to enter. You’ll get a handwritten letter from me! You can ask any question about learning Japanese or your personal studies and I’ll answer you in a handwritten letter. The winner of that 3rd level prize is Official Shinigami The 2nd level prize is for people who seemed like they had a little trouble so I made that for easy to intermediate speakers the second place winner for that level is Shizko I’ll send you a Star Wars notebook, and a personal letter from me. and the 1st level prize, which was the hardest For people who answered completely correctly with seemingly no problems The winner of the 1st level prize, getting Star Wars & extra notebooks goodies, and a letter from me goes to: Kristin Lagman Congrats to all 3 of you, and thank you for joining the storytime quiz! OK, I’ll see you guys in the comments! Thank you so much for watching today! If you liked this video, please like, share and subscribe for more!