CAROLYN: Some of it was you looked at it and you went eugh, that is absolutely disgusting,
I would not eat that in a million years. 00:11
COMM: We’re always looking for new ways to be healthy and save money, and Carolyn Ekins
says she has an extraordinary solution to both. The World War Two rations diet. 00:21
CAROLYN: I’m interested in any nostalgic things, but particularly World War Two, I was interested
in austerity, the old fashioned type recipes. 00:29
COMM: The 47-year-old from Nottingham tried her 1940s experiment for one year keeping
a blog to show her progress. 0:37
CAROLYN: I was just really struggling and really worrying and my kids were worried about
me as well so I thought okay lets give this a try, let’s go and try and go back for a
whole year on wartime recipes, on authentic wartime recipes. 00:49
COMM: And she says it not only saved her thousands of pounds, but going back to simple staple
foods made her healthier too, losing six stone in the process. 01:00
CAROLYN: And I did that in 2012 and um I lost eight pounds in a year, stuck to rationing
100% because I made sure that I recreated authentic recipes, and just incorporated those
into my diet, stuck with the rationing amounts, eat loads of vegetables and it worked out
really well. 01:17
COMM: The mum of three, scoured old recipe and ration books, including the wartime ministry
of food for ideas. 01:24
CAROLYN: Everything looks a bit beige if you know what I mean but surprisingly most things
taste quite good. 01:31
COMM: Recipes included long forgotten classics, Lord Woolton Pie, Brown Betty, Vinegar Cake
and Anzac biscuits, and most bizarrely, mock turkey, made of sausage meat and finished
with two parsnips made to look like the bird’s legs. 01:47
CAROLYN: To begin with it kind of felt like it was a little bland, but after a week or
two you kind of get used to it and then you really appreciate the flavours. 01:56
COMM: Carolyn’s journey to a healthier lifestyle hasn’t been easy, but she is determined to
keep calm and carry on. 02:03
CAROLYN: I think I may have had one or two blips but it worked really well, saved a lot
of money, got by, lost a lot of weight, and I’m halfway there. Still got a hundred odd
pounds to lose so I’m gonna go back to it and get the job done basically. 02:17
COMM: Now Carolyn hopes to inspire others to give the World War Two rations diet a try. 02:24
CAROLYN: I think I encourage people to eat a little healthier and also cut money, I think
if that can help somebody in the long run I think I would just be really, really happy
about that.