Sally lives with unstable angina
and the associated chest pain. She also has diabetes and fibromyalgia. She is on edge all the time because of
it, and has had to simplify her life. Sadly, she says she has no life. When Sally tried music-assisted
relaxation and imagery, she had quite a spiritual response. Although she had
nerve-wracking insomnia, music listening gently
lulled her to sleep, and she believed that music gave her
the strength to deal with her pain. Stress took its toll, but the
music actually slowed her down, and Sally believes it
restored her will to live. Everyone encounters pain at
some time in their lives. Of course, each pain is distinctive, and
everyone’s response to pain is unique. So is the music that
will be most therapeutic. Some people want to acknowledge
their pain and make friends with it. And others need music to
take them far, far away. Sometimes, relaxing and
sleep-inducing music can do the trick. And at other times, moving or
dancing to energizing music is the most successful strategy. Spiritual music may also
be the best alternative for those who wish to focus
on something more significant than the present painful moment. They remind themselves that
pain is a temporary sensation, and they put it in the perspective of
the entire world of their experience.