how's it going guys fitness junior and I'm back with another video in today's video I'll be doing a few positions that will help you in what in Muslims mainly focused in the deltoid area the tricep and the neck areas but first in the ask you do you know what a muscle knot is if you don't a muscle knot is what creates when you do a bad workout or lift something that's even too heavy for yourself so if you're lifting 50-pound weights and supposed to be lookin 20 you may get one yeah we send me I'm doing video cuz I got a muscle knot on my back and thankfully my teacher she helped me out she's getting massaged and killed it she's a blessing trust me those who don't like weight now that I'm in summer if I get one what I supposed to do I started searching last night and searching and searching and searching and searching last week so I found it boom I'll caught Ovitz things like wait I have a pool near me and I'm not swimming so I said to make this video for you guys if you get one if you have a pool near you this position are the best for you first these are gonna be a few positions and we'll focus right Sethna deltoids the tricep and the neck where the main lead with the back not the most not focused view disclose positions do them each one eight seconds repeat it four times so here you go right ready three two one stop with the neck upwards that would side Oh site which leaves a little bit to pay attention and now go to the office side eight low side but who the pool be back now bring both of your arms but a monster now pull upwards to the arrows now for the back and the shoulders first take your shoulders upwards Philip a focus focus downloads I massage them backwards not friends now for the back twisting we do is like the response anyway solid enough we'll be back that's the last one guys now we see you guys repeat it three more times oh you're done okay perfect hope this video guys please cooperate or even took it away if it didn't I'll be leaving a link down below so the muscle cream I take one my first videos which really helped me out to that pepper cream everything I'll be leaving a link down below well hope you guys I'm just like this video if you did make sure to smash that like button if you do to a channel make sure you subscribe and hit that posted vacation so you know whenever I leave in a video there guys I'll be trying to post more videos more constantly now that I'm in summer yeah guys see you guys the next one leg