The one that’s getting the most buzz that’s most talked about is a student loan repayment plan. When we talked to a lot of our own staff about what their concerns were student loans are a major concern. We were surprised by how much student loan debt some nurses actually have. It’s kind of surprising, and this would be a huge help to them. For those nurses, either our current staff or new graduate staff joining us and who don’t have student loans, we also have another way of showing how much we value them by paying them a $2,000 retention award each year, up to five years. It takes a lot to train a nurse in our field. You want somebody on the unit who knows what they’re doing. Last year we introduced a nurse referral reward program whereby any employee of MU Health Care was eligible to get a significant reward for referring an experienced nurse to come to work at one of our inpatient facilities. That was an overwhelming success. We hired 31 nurses as a result of that program. So naturally we’re going to continue that this year. What an awesome opportunity to reward somebody for actually getting good nurses to work at MU Health Care. Our weekend program rewards those nurses who commit to working every weekend. The benefit of this is that those nurses who want to work weekends only can then have the weeks free to take care of their lives and many of our nurses who have commitments on weekends don’t have to work weekends. I like being able to have chunks of my work where it’s all lined together, and knowing my patients, and then going home and being able to organize my personal life. Our nurses are the best nurses in the area by a long shot so we do everything possible to show how much we value them and take care of them.