I’m a Nutritionist, so I was interested always in physical activity so I think, that this was the programme that gathered everything together and it was quite unique.. My background is all in crisis counselling, drug rehabilitation… I’m an athlete, someone who’s very passionate about making sure that they’re as healthy as possible… My undergraduate major is traditional chinese medicine so preventive measures is very important due to some chronic disease (being) more serious in China these years. It’s people from all around the world that you really interacting with and being able to hear their opinions and hear why they’ve come to this course and to hear where they want to go, is really inspiring, and I’ve actually found that it’s changed a
little bit my direction of where I want to go I have learnt so much from this course that I could go back to India and help India in building up the public health system
and then giving inputs that might be helpful to bring the better changes in Indian public health. My supervisor encouraged me to stay and do more research about Mexico/Mexican population because there’s a lack of research. So I stayed, I’m doing currently a PhD. The knowledge I have developed here, I
can also use when I come back to China and maybe combine that with the traditional chinese medicine. I’m looking at public health consultancy at the moment, I’d like to apply what I’m doing to a higher degree, and become a certified accredited
public health consultant in the UK.