Hey guys, Shawn Flexatron Rhoden here. It’s amazing what I’ve just seen. Check it out for yourself. Today’s visit to laboratory of Olimp Labs was very exciting. I learned a lot of stuff. Realizing , That not all brands are the same. Whatever these guys are taking is what I want. I have a better understanding of how the products are made, the standards. It makes you start to think about all the products that you have taken for all those years. Not to bash anyone. You are trying to figure out what process did they go through, Who was making the product, the quality of raw materials. Peach ice-tea These are gonna be my favorite folks down here. We should look at products from different perspective. What are we putting into our body. Your body should be treated like a sports car For example Lamborghini. Most people tend to get to their cars go to the gas station and put the cheapest fuel they can put And expect that they will act like a super machine. You normally just see a finished product. You don’t understand what is going on back here. I hope that it will be translated to other people That Olimp Sport Nutrition is making some great products I’m looking forward to the new chapter as far as how my physic will look like, The next time I step on stage. The standard of these products is much higher than other products on the market. Pharmaceutical products are products you normally get from the pharmacy, It’s the highest level of a product. You don’t get too many companies talking about their products as far as the quality of products they have on the market. In the past I have seen a few companies that the label, doesn’t match up to the product that is actually in the tub. I could watch everything with my two eyes today. Yes, the smell! I look like I’m about to bake a cake. You want to body to be performing at its highest peak, And the only way it can happen is if you get the best quality of protein. The best quality supplements That is why you decide to choose a great product. The next is logistics Action! I got to visit a facility where , I was able to see every step, every stage of a process, to see, How the company is running from manufacture to distribution. I haven’t had a chance to see it in any other company. Dragon Ball Z This is like Senzu beans And that one guy does everything. No vacation ! MVP I can only keep one foot in. My shoulders don’t even fit. Join OLIMP SPORT NUTRITION The best it yet to come.