how many pushups could you perform Carleton Williams had 1874 two beats in one hour welcome to spotlights at Guinness World Records we challenge you to push your work out that little bit further like gee guys John who in 2011 – 41 push-ups in 30 seconds using just one finger Ormerod gutter board ship who defied gravity to perform 41 vertical push-ups in one minute and then there was the 138 people of the single marine program cap who managed to achieve the most people performing a chain – shop counter modems decided to go alone though and attempt one of the most challenging yet simple pushup records of them all the most pushups in one hour upon discovering the challenge in a library book Carlton became determined to achieve the records and he did performing 1847 push-ups in January of 2014 the 50 year-old construction worker was not contained with this and say about trading for 3 months to break his own record Carlton attempted the stunt in front of a cheering crowd at his local gym let's speed things up he needed to adhere to the strict Guinness World Records guidelines the body must remain straight throughout high e no bending at the knees or waist the body must be lowered until at least a 90 degree angle is attained at the elbow the body is then raised until the arms are straight although they do not need to be locked at the elbow incorrect push-ups will be deducted from the total and the clock keeps running during breaks Carlton doesn't need to worry about that though he is showing perfect form and a steady piece and he's done it Carlton achieved two thousand two hundred and twenty push-ups in one hour smashing the previous record by 346 Carlton had this tecee basically I really didn't feel that much pain to see more Guinness World Records title holders getting physical click the videos below if you want to see more of our spotlight make sure to subscribe leave your comments underneath and we'll see you next time on spotlights