Welcome and good morning. I’m Caren and
in this morning yoga routine, we’re going to use the practice to drop
out of the head space today and into the heart space. You’ll also have the opportunity for a
short, seated guided meditation to set the tone for your day. Let’s begin from a cross-legged seat. Reach your left hand away from your hip
and plant it on the ground. Then inhale your right arm up overhead. Breathe deeply into your right ribs,
turning both of your shoulders to face forward. Drop your left ear to your left
shoulder. Inhale, flow through seated. Plant your right hand on the ground and
exhale your left arm overhead. Drop your right ear to your shoulder.
Draw your collarbones wide and breathe into your left ribs. Inhale, lift to seated. Then sweep both
arms up overhead, interlacing the fingers and turning the palms up to the ceiling. Keep the elbows softly bent and draw the
very tops of the shoulders down the back. Exhale, release the hands and fold
forward over your legs using your hands for support. Reach forward through your fingers, but
back and down through your hips to remain rooted on the ground. Inhale and walk your hands back up.
Switch out the cross of your legs, then take your right hand by your side and
inhale your left arm overhead. If there’s space deepen, this side by
bending down to your elbow or your forearm. Find an inhale and float back through
center, the exhale to seamlessly go to the left, deepening on this side as well with your
elbow or forearm. Inhale and float both arms up to the sky. Interlace your fingers. Stretch the palms
to the ceiling, soft elbows. Rest your lower ribs in,
rather than pressing them out. Now release your hands and exhale, fold
forward over your legs. Reach through your fingers, sink back into your hips. Inhale and rise
to a seat. Then come to a Tabletop position,
stacking your hands under your shoulders, knees under the hips. Curl your toes and stretch the soles of
the feet, then inhale, lower the abdomen, take the gaze forward into Cow Pose.
Exhale and arch the spine, relaxing the head into Cat. Transition on the inhale
to Cow Pose. Arch through the spine, Cat. Flow with
your breath into Cow Pose and transition on the exhale to Cat. Return to a neutral
spine with the gaze down and release your toes. Inhale the left arm to a T, then twist and thread it through the
right, coming onto the side of the face. Tent your right fingertips on the
ground and experience this twist in your upper body, with your hips quiet over
your knees. Stay here or extend your right arm overhead with the bicep
alongside the ear. Tent the right fingertips, then gently guide the upper arm bone
back into the shoulder socket, making space for your head. Return your right hand by your face and
press in to lift the left arm up to the ceiling, counter twisting to the left.
Then exhale and set it back down into Tabletop. Inhale the right arm straight out and
thread it through the left, arriving on the right shoulder and the
right side of the face. Stay here to start, tenting through your
left fingers and experiencing the twist in your upper body. To move on, stretch your left arm up
overhead, planting into the fingertips. Then draw the upper arm bone down and
back into the shoulder socket, relaxing the sides of the neck. Release
the hand back by your face. Press up on an inhale and take the right
arm high, twisting to the right. Exhale and set it back down. Step forward
to your hands and arrive in Uttanasana, Standing Forward Ben. Bend the knees as
much as you need and relax the arms fully to the ground. Let the low back get heavy and loose. Lift your torso away from your legs.
Support with your hands and step your right foot back about two-and-a-half
feet from your left, Keeping the toes facing out 45 degrees
for Pyramid Pose. Keep the knees softly bent, lengthen the
spine and the crown of your head forward. Then with that length, fold over your
front thigh. Press gently into your left big toe mound as well as the pinky toe
edge of the right foot. Lift both kneecaps and hug the muscles into the
bone so that you feel the lengthening on both legs. If you’d like to advance, walk your hands
back behind your front foot. On an inhale, release by walking your hands forward and stepping your right foot forward back into Uttanasana. Take another half
lift, then sweep your left leg back into Pyramid Pose. Hug your right hip gently back this time,
and fold when you’re ready. Engage all of the muscles of the legs.
Hug them up to the center and press down evenly into both feet. Then advance your
hands back behind your front foot, if you have access in your upper body. Take one more big breath in and breathe
it out. Walk your hands forward for support and
step both feet together. Release to your seat, sending your feet in front of you with
the soles touching and the knees wide by your sides. Take hold of your ankles, then exhale and
fold over your legs. Fold forward out of the pelvis just until you feel the
sensation in your inner legs. Then relax the head at the bottom. Breathe bigger
into the back of your heart and relax the ribs on the exhalation. Inhale to rise. Keep your left leg in, then extend your
right leg long into Parivrtta Janu Sirsasana. Turn your torso to face over
the front foot. Slide your right hand or forearm to the top of the right leg and
place your left hand on the hip. With your torso twisting toward the bent
knee, inhale your left arm overhead. If you feel long in both of your side
bodies, slide your right hand down to the ground and hook your thumb underneath
the leg. If you feel a bit crunched in your side
bodies, keep your hand exactly where it is. Continue to reach with your left fingers
toward your right lengthened leg. Inhale about halfway up with the torso and keep your left arm about a foot or so away from the ground, pressing into your right palm. Relax your
right ear down toward your right shoulder and feel the stretch happen in
the neck. Gently release by taking the right hand to the side of the face and
lifting up to center. Simply switch out through your legs, extending the left leg
long with the right foot in. Place the left
forearm or hand on the left leg and right hand to hip. Twist open toward the
bent knee then inhale the right arm reaches
straight up yearning for the left foot. Soften the lower ribs in and continue to
twist open toward the bent right knee, bringing both of your shoulders forward.
Slide your left forearm to the ground, if that served you on the first side, and
relax into the sides of your neck. Inhale, reach your right arm all the way up. Press your left palm into the ground and
stop when your right fingers are about a foot off of the ground. Completely relax
your left ear to the left shoulder and feel this opening on the side of the
right neck. Lift your left hand to the side of your face and use it to bring
yourself back up to center. Sweep your left leg straight in front of
you and then lift up your right knee. Plant your right foot on the ground
close toward your groins. Plant the right hand behind you. Then inhale the left arm up, exhale and
take the outside of the left arm to the outside of the right knee. Feel this
twist happen in the upper back, around and across the chest. Release the twist
back forward and send your right leg long. Bending your left knee, plant the foot
down close to the groin. Place the left hand behind you and
inhale the right arm tall. Exhale and sweep the outer right arm to the outer
left knee. Anchor through the long right leg. Release the twist back to center. Bring
both of the knees in and then roll onto your back. Draw the fingertips down to touch the
heels and keep the feet hip distance apart. Press into the soles of the feet and the
palms, and inhale rise the hips high.Tthen interlace your fingers. Shimmy the shoulders a bit closer
together so that you feel the back of the heart lift. Then engage more into
your feet, into your inner thighs, and lift your ribs upward. Gently tap the
back of the head down to the ground to make space for the throat and space for
the breath. On an exhale, release your hands and curl upper-, mid- and lower spine to the mat and draw your right knee in. Figure four the right foot on top of the
left knee for Eye of the Needle Pose. Interlace your hands either behind the
knee or just below the top of the knee. Draw the left leg in and guide the right
knee outward with your right elbow. Allow your head to remain on the ground
and your tailbone to tilt forward so as much of your spine as possible is
lengthening. Gently release the hands, then slide the right knee on top of the
left and take hold of both ankles, or feet, with your hands. As you draw the
feet in, move the knees slightly away. In Supta Gomukhasana, look for the
stretch in your outer right hip. Release your hands and keep the knees bound, and
maybe hook the ankles, for Eagle Legs. Goal post your arms on the ground and exhale your legs to the left for a Reclining Spinal Twist. Stack your hips once you arrive and
soften through the legs. Breathe slowly and deeply, letting your whole heart
center rise and fall. Engage through your abdomen, uncross your legs and bring yourself onto your back. Rest for a breath. Now draw your left knee in and figure
four the left foot on the right knee. Thread the arms through, taking hold of
the top of the knee or the underside of the thigh, and use your left elbow to
open up the left knee as you draw the right knee in, finding this opening in
the hips. Release your hands, sweep your left knee
on top of your right, then take hold of your feet. Guide the feet in toward your face as
you gently oppose away from your body with the knees, finding this stretch on the outer left
hip. Relax your neck and soften your
shoulders. Release your hands but keep your knees bound. Perhaps take the cross of the ankles for
Eagle Legs. Goal post your arms. Exhale the knees to the right. Soften through your shoulders, grow
heavier through your limbs and focus on breathing into your heart. Engage your abdomen, lift your knees,
unwind your legs and bring yourself onto your back. Roll onto one side and use your hands to
press yourself up to a seat as we transition into seated meditation. Place
a rolled up blanket or cushion underneath your hips to elevate your
seat. Then, instead of crossing at your shins, perhaps load your ankles one in front of
the other for Siddhasana. If this doesn’t feel comfortable, feel free to cross at
your shins. We’ll take a mudra, Gyan Mudra, for inner wisdom. Touch the first fingers
to the thumbs, then extend the other three fingers long and place the hands
palms down on your knees. Relax through your elbows and close your eyes. Lift gently up through the crown of your
head. Soften your lowest ribs in and then
relax your chin down slightly toward the chest so that it comes parallel to the
ground. Bring the awareness solely to the breath
that moves in and out of the nostrils. Travel your awareness from the breath in
the nostrils to the breath filling and expanding your heart space. Feel the warmth that is inside and all
around your heart. Repeat silently to yourself the
following mantra: “May I be peaceful and at ease.” As you repeat this, begin to embody those
feelings in your heart. Feeling deep peace. Feeling deep ease. Now visualize a time in your life when you
were most peaceful and most at ease, whether that’s now or perhaps when you
were a beloved child. As you hold yourself in your mind’s eye, repeat the mantra: “May I be peaceful and
at ease.” Release the mantra and on an exhale bow
your chin towards your chest to acknowledge your true spirit. Take this
lovingkindness with you today off of the mat and into the world. Thanks for practicing with me. If you enjoyed this video give it a
thumbs up. Namaste.