Our Natural State
A Contemplative Exercise 16 Sep 2012 – Silent Intensive
Zmar, Portugal [Mooji] I want to try a little exercise with you, I don’t know if you’ll be up for it. Sometimes I have said like this, You’ve all come, and before we go any further, we’re going to take some measurements of you.
[laughs] So, we will start first with the body,
then we’ll go to the mind, then we’ll go to the Self, to see what is original. First we will take your weight. You come, step on this thing. You are here,
and we are going to take your weight. But it has to be precisely at this time,
9:22 exactly, we will take this recording of your weight. And whatever is not original, which is not naturally belonging to this body, it will affect the reading,
so we are taking everything off. Your jewellery, you will take off. Your weave-ons,
[laughter] you hair pins, nail polish you’ll take off, because everything is contributing
to this reading. Whatever is not original, organic to this body,
we will remove. Also contact lenses,
[laughter] we’ll take them, because they also have a reading. Your fillings. We’ll put them back.
[laughter] The breakfast you’ve eaten,
we’ll take you around the corner [mimes vomiting] Everything! Then you are to step on this scale,
and we’ll make a measurement, like no thing can measure. And precisely at this time, then we’ll do it again tomorrow if it’s needed,
we’ll put down, ‘The weight is [ping]! Thank you. Very good.’ So now, only what is original to this body
in this moment, is measured. Now your mind. We want to take the weight of your original mind. Whatever came later,
we are going to flush out, it’s not admitted. So, all your memories,
which were not original to your mind, we’re going to leave those aside,
they cannot go on the scale. They give a wrong reading.
We want the original weight, original mind. All the memories, all your projections,
‘No, it’s not …’. They interfere with the proper reading. Identity is also not original. ‘So, come on, let’s have it, come …
OK good. Out!’ Identity. All desires, hopes and aspirations,
even for enlightenment, are taken now, they’re not original. They are secondary, they came after you! So these will be taken out. Each one of you is on the scale now. All your experiences since consciousness came, which are embedded in memory, also go out;
they’re not you. They came after. Only what is original. Your belief, your role, mother, father, sister, uncle, employee;
all these, no. They came after, they’re not original. So we are wiping all of this away, for now. Self image, [tut, tut, tut] give it up.
It’s not part of this, also. That came after.
And it’s not consistent, it’s always changing. It cannot be original.
So leave self image to the side, with everything. All that you have imagined,
the powers of imagination, all that you have imbibed and held onto,
all your imaginings, all your fantasies, scraped clean, everything. Then we’ll look, scan to see if anything, any seed, any notion,
any concepts that we are holding onto, they’re not original. Zap, zap, zap! Out. Where are we? Ah! Something is floating about. See what this is. Some random thoughts are flying about,
they’re not original, somehow. Zap, zap, zap! Out. Now? Clean! Now, it’s clean. Everything has gone now. Very good. The body is done. The mind is done.
Or undone. Present yourself now, for measurement. Don’t be shy. I don’t see anybody. What statistics to take now? Something is here that cannot be measured. It has no footprint. It has no weight. It cannot be compared. It is beyond quality.
All the qualities have been left aside, and yet, this thing is not a state of lacking. See for yourself. It’s that which doesn’t belong to time, like past or future, or even present. But still, a full sense of wholeness is there. It’s not carrying any data. No aspiration. What can we measure here? And it is not imagined!
Imagination we have already looked at. No. Imagination is not here. What is here, without a story,
without intention? We’re not reliant on past, or future. It’s incomparable. So, this is a true reading. Now, let’s see what you have to say from here. And whether you feel hindered, limited, lacking. Now you are your own original Being. Before all things came, during the manifestation of all, and at the end of all manifestations, it remains, untouched. Unaltered. Without need, without desire, without intention. Be one, in the experience of this. The senses are functioning, they have no weight. They are not the interpreter. The body is here, it does not interfere. Trying to stay like this, is an old habit.
It’s not needed. No effort is required. When will it end? Well, time was one of the old things.
Disregard it now. Be fully aware, as This. Be fully clear about your own Self. Without confusion with the movement of mind,
and matter. Contemplate that. And then, let’s release all the other functions
to come back in, and move according to their own laws, their own natural movement, let them be there. And see if they can contaminate or distort This. [silence] Don’t be a traffic policeman in your own mind. Let the mind play, like the waves on the ocean. Don’t say they should not be.
Let them happen. Simply don’t identify. Perception is occurring naturally, unforced. Behind even the functioning of perception,
is a space, untouched. Timeless. Do not hold the body’s image as yours.
Let it be there. There is an innocence there, leave it be. Don’t say, ‘I am this thing’, or, ‘That thing’, because whatever you touch in this way,
you combine with yourself, you bring it in, to your own inner kingdom. And gradually,
a feeling of distortion or confusion enters. Now you are free of it. Feel what your mind fears to experience. [silence] This, if you have followed my pointing, this is our natural state. You are not a zombie. If I throw you an apple,
it will not just hit your head, something will take it. Your natural, intuitive and spontaneous
functioning will continue, they are not excluded,
but are included in your natural-ness. Be. Verify what your mind projects as fear, ‘If you are like this, then how will you live?’ All these things catch our attention. So easily we are distracted.
Or something is distracted. But so powerful is your own Self, that there is even room
for the play of distraction, if distraction itself is noted as a phenomenon. Then you are the witness of that.
The unmoving One. Complete. Rest in That, as That itself. Now, let’s carry on. What can we measure from here?
What is here without story, without intention,
not reliant on past or future? This is a true reading.
See for yourself. Contemplate That …