hi everyone welcome to Rachel Pichler
yoga my name is Rachel we are on day three of our one month of
yoga so thank you so much for choosing to be here yet again today we’re going
to be creating some strength through our entire body today find some space to
move let’s get started and just remember to subscribe to my channel so that you
don’t miss a thing thank you so let’s begin today by finding just a
nice comfy seat whatever that looks like for you you can find your way there
we’re gonna start off today by just finding our breath slowing things down a
little bit so I want you to just let your eyes close whenever you’re
comfortable to do so resting your hands maybe on your knees or in your lap and
let’s take a nice big breath here inhale and exhale I’m starting to just breathe
however feels right for you may be actively slowing down the breath and as
you slow down your breath maybe you can have theirs let go of your day at the
same time this but all those lovely thoughts that are on your mind off to
the side for a moment focus on those nice inhales bringing air into the body
a nice exhales letting it all go hmm as you start to settle in a little bit
more see if you can just lengthen your spine ever so slightly nice tall posture
here hmm and we’re just gonna stay here for three more breath ah relaxing
through your shoulders maybe finding stillness throughout the body it’s like
one more inhale and exhale and slowly start to open up your eyes we’re gonna
come forward onto our hands and knees who’s bring your hands down in front
spreading your fingers nice and wide bring your knees right underneath
your hips we’re gonna warm up with a little cat and cow so as you inhale drop
your belly lift your chest your chin exhale rounding through the spine push
into your hands bring your chin to your collarbone inhale drop the belly and
exhale round so that one more time inhale and finding the breath inhales
you come back to a nice flat back we’re gonna tuck our toes underneath and lift
on up into downward facing dog so take a second here make sure your fingers are
still spread out nice and wide your feet are about hip-width apart and we can
take our dog for a little walk just waking up those legs a little bit
peddling the feet so you can bend one knee and straighten the other let your
head be nice and heavy think about softening your shoulder so instead of
having your shoulders over top of your wrists let’s see if we can push them
back towards the bottom of the mats you might need to have your knees nice and
bent to find some movement through those shoulders but that’s all good I’d rather
see your shoulders pushing back then you have straight legs awesome job you guys
take one more breath here and your down dog inhale and exhale use an inhale
start to look between your hands exhale let’s walk our feet all the way to the
top of the mat inhale lifting your upper body halfway your hands can find your
shins looking for a nice flat back here so lift that chest a little bit you can
shift your gaze forward stick your butt out
get a nice hamstring stretch while we’re here and take one more breath in exhale
let’s fold forward feel free to have nice bent knees inhale we’re lifting
halfway again bring that chest up think about flat
in the back exhale folding forward one more time inhale half-lift
and exhale as you fold bend your knees and inhale all the way up to standing
reach your arms up look up and exhale your hands through heart center
down to your sides and roll the shoulders back and down take your palms
face them forwards and spread the fingers nice and wide so wide that
you’re stretching your hands using an inhale reach up look up exhale let’s
fold forward inhale halfway lift exhale bring your hands to your mat and step
your left foot all the way back so you might be walking the foot back you might
take one big step but find a lunge and then we’re in a draw our back knee down
onto the mat sinking into those hips maybe you can find a nice stretch for
that left hip flexor so your hands can stay on the mat or you can start to lift
them placing them on your knee maybe lifting that chest chest is nice and
proud again you can always have your hands down on the floor we’re sinking
into those hips so I still have my back toes tucked under
you can untuck those toes or relax a little bit or you can keep those toes
tucked under maybe maybe you want to lift your back knee off of the of the
mat off the floor or the ground and really start to create strength through
that back leg and that front leg even your core has to work here to keep your
balance to keep you nice and Center nice and grounded so we’re gonna take this
one step further if you want to add your arms you can use an inhale sweep your
arms all the way above your head maybe even looking up we’re gonna take just
one more breath here inhale exhale find the ground with your hands
take an inhale start to look forwards exhale we’re going to bring our back
foot to the top of our mat inhale lifting halfway exhale to fold inhale
all the way up reach up look up exhale your hands through heart center down to
your sides roll those shoulders back palms are going to face forward spread
those fingers wide inhale reach up exhale folding forward inhale halfway
exhale plant your hands step or walk that right foot all the way back we’re
all gonna lower that back knee to start and sink into the hips I want you to
find that hip flexor stretch the top of that right quad before we go any further
so your hands can stay on the floor the whole time even your back knee can stay
down find what feels right for you and where you want to be for a few breath
and you can always move you know you can pull back you can go further whatever
your little heart desires so if you’re coming with me though I’m gonna have my
hands on my knee to start and then I’m gonna lift my back knee off of the mat
just to fire up the legs a little bit here you can stay in the lunge wherever
you are or if you want to come for Crescent lunge Crescent lunge
you can add your arms reach up maybe look up breathing wherever you are let’s
take one more inhale and exhale drop your hands down with control inhale look
forward if you can exhale bring your back foot to the top of your mat inhale
halfway exhale fold inhale all the way up to standing reach up look up and
exhale hands coming through heart center to your sides inhale reach up exhale
fold inhale half-lift exhale we’re gonna
plant our hands and walk our feet all the way to the back of the mat into a
plank so you can stay in a full plank with your knees off the mat please do if
you if you practice planks but if you’re new to planks you can bring your knees
to the ground you can even find your forearms whenever your wrists start to
talk to you when we’re doing a lot of things that require us to be on our
hands you can always be on your forearms so we’re gonna stay here for just one
more inhale in our plank and using an exhale we’re gonna start to lower our
chest and lower the body hug your elbows into your sides the whole way down and
once you get there untuck your feet find the top or untuck your toes on the top
of your feet and use an inhale and start to lift the chest roll your shoulders
back and down hug your elbows into your sides for a Cobra so you can stay down
here you can come a little higher but let the thighs the legs the hips
everything just rest on the mat and then roll those shoulders back and down let’s
take another inhale Cobra exhale tuck your toes and start to lift or push
yourself back into downward facing dog we’re gonna bring our feet together use
an inhale lift your right foot up into the air as you exhale we’re gonna pull
the right knee towards the chest and bring that foot all the way to the
top of the mat so if you need to help that right foot get there help it get
there set up your lunge and we’re going to drop the back heel
down so keep the knee lifted but place the heel down onto the mat and then
we’re going to start to lift the upper body for warrior one so we’re just going
to take a second here unless you do warrior one all the time get right into
it but if you’re new we want to take that left hip and pull it forward so
your belly button is shining to the front of the room you got a bend through
that front knee and the back leg is straight and strong
alright let’s draw the belly button in towards the spine and add our arms
warrior one beautiful you guys relaxing the shoulders from the ears spreading
your fingertips nice and wide feeling a little heat building those shoulders
perhaps and so strong through those legs let’s take one more inhale exhale bring
your hands down spin that back heel up so you’re on the ball of the foot and
let’s step back into our plank into our plank not here long so you can stay on
the feet or you can drop to the knees but take one more inhale exhale you want
to exhale as you lower hug your elbows in to your sides drop the chest find the
top of the feet inhale lift your chest Cobra pull the shoulders down from the
ears exhale tuck the toes and push back and to downward facing dog our feet are
gonna come together inhale your left foot up exhale we’re sending it through
between the hands drop your back heel down and then start to lift the upper
body so you can take a second to adjust your stance and you want to try and
shine the belly button straight forward maybe you’ve just got a little bend in
that front knee maybe that needs really bent but if you’re new just a little
bend is good think about squaring the hips forward belly button shining
forward and then you can add your arms fire up those shoulders settle in make
sure you’re breathing whoo-hoo our first yoga for strength
practice toning getting stronger throughout the entire body today so good
let’s take one more inhale and exhale bring your hands to the mat spin the
back heel up stepping back into your plank you know you can skip this you can
go into Child’s Pose you can drop to knees you can push back into downward
dog but if you want to lower down to your mat or chaturanga we’re gonna start
to lower so exhale hug the elbows in so your chest might come all the way down
it might stop halfway chaturanga switch to the top of the feet inhale
lift the chest Cobra or updog up dog you lift your legs and you’re just on the
top of your feet very similar to cobra take another inhale and exhale let’s
push it back into downward facing dog awesome you guys so you can stay here
and down dog or come down into Child’s Pose so we all know what Child’s Pose is
bring your knees out wide rest your forehead slow down your breath all righty if you need a bit more time
here in Child’s Pose please take it we’re gonna meet back in down dog so if
you’re already there awesome use an inhale start to look
between your hands exhale walk step or maybe you want to jump to the top of
your mat inhale half-lift exhale fold inhale all the way up to standing
reach up look up exhale your hands through heart center to your sides
inhale reaching up exhale let’s fold inhale half way exhale plant your hands
now you can go straight to down dog child’s pose or come into a plank from
your knees or your toes one more inhale here in plank exhale lower halfway or
all the way down inhale Cobra legs on the ground or up dog
legs lifted exhale downward facing dog feet are gonna come together using it in
hell if your right foot up add so we’re sending that foot to the top of the mat
drop your back heel and use an inhale to lift on up warrior two
so a little different than warrior one the belly button is going to shine to
the left our hips are open towards the left side as well same similarity same
things the front knees bent the back leg is straight but turn your back foot a
little bit more so warrior 1 our toes were kind of pointing forward to help
bring that left hip forward but now they can go straight out to the side or your
two arms one reaches out front one reaches out behind and then you can look
forwards if that feels good on the neck so strengthening and getting so strong
for that lower ball getting strong through the core squeeze
that belly button back towards your spine and also strengthening the
shoulders and the arms because we have to hold them out so let’s wake up the
fingertips let’s breathe sinking into that front knee so good so strong let’s
take one more inhale exhale big cartwheel bring your hands all the way
to the floor spin the back heel up and step your front foot back and we’re
gonna go into downward facing dog anyone with discomfort in those wrists
maybe you want to find your forms dolphin not a break that’s for sure
but a nice break for the wrist a lot of work all our strength for those
shoulders though so when you’re ready we’re gonna bring our feet back together
using inhale send the left foot up exhale bring that foot forward drop your
back heel and lift on up into your warrior two adjust your feet adjust your
stance your lunge sinking into that front knee so this warrior two while
we’re nice and strong we’re warriors in this pose it’s also a nice hip opener if
you can sink a little low into that lunge into that front knee so breathe
relax the shoulders from the ears if you find that you’re really reaching
forwards see if you can pull the shoulders back so they’re stacking right
over top of those hips keep everything keep the weight evenly distributed
between the legs let’s take one more inhale exhale bring your hands all the
way to the floor step back into your downward facing dog
breathe hmm take one more inhale and exhale our
knees are coming all the way down to the mat you can sit on your heels maybe stay
here maybe you want your forehead to come down let’s just take this time to
slow down your breath so definitely stay where you are a
little longer if you need it if you’d like to we’re gonna have a seat though
we’re gonna bring our legs out in front but keep the knees bent so you can hang
on to the back of your legs and we’re just gonna sit a little taller so
instead of rounding collapsing through that spine out you know think about
creating length chest is proud so we’re just gonna lean back a little bit even
though we’re keeping that nice long spine and just bring a lot of the weight
out of the feet the toes might never leave the ground that is completely fine
you can still get an awesome core workout with your feet down on the
ground so squeeze the belly button in keeping the length through the spine
there’s enough work as it is but maybe those feet do want to float maybe you
even want to let go of your legs boat pose it can be as hard if you make it
but again if you’re feeling a lot of work here so am i all good that’s
completely normal just squeeze that core nice job you guys just another two
breath here inhale exhale inhale and then exhale bring the feet down let the
soles of the feet come together and your knees fall out wide just a little
forward fold if you want it we’re sitting nice and tall but releasing
those hip flexors from that boat pose hmm and if you’re folding forward use an
inhale to lift yourself up you can bring your knees back together maybe do a
little wiggle side to side we’re gonna come down all the way onto our back so
roll on down we’ll reach our arms out to either side and let our knees fall over
to the left for a twist so you might be able to stack your knees on top of one
another your knees might come all the way to the floor but they also might not
come all the way the floor you might be up here and that’s okay too if you do
have something that you could stick under your knee we’re not gonna be here
too long so don’t worry about going to get anything right now but for future
reference if you got a little cushion that you like to put under your knees
you can always use something so with an inhale we’re start to bring the knees
back up and we’ll switch sides let them both fall over to that right side it’s
releasing that low back slowing down the breath here and with an inhale you can bring your
knees back up bring the hips to the middle of the mat and just start to
extend your legs out nice and long spreading your feet out wide and take
your arms and rest them at your sides flipping the palms to face up Oh shove
asana our final relaxation starting to let go of all that effort you were
putting into your breath letting your body be nice and heavy on the mat and
just relaxing as much as you can here putting your eyes stay closed and I do
encourage you to stay here for as long as you can but have a great rest of your
day whatever your day is looking like and I’ll see you guys again tomorrow so
awesome practice until we meet again namaste you