Good morning everybody I’m heading out
to the Diamond Gym Monster camp event slash food drive so I’m going to take
some cool videos some pictures for you guys and uh stay tuned
well everybody we made it to Diamond Gym my old stomping grounds so you’re
about to get ready for this monster event so get ready now you said we can
do some pictures video and everything else inside so let’s go you At my had old stomping grounds Diamond gym here in Maplewood, New Jersey this straight this is one of the rooms we got
going here just walk through no one’s in here now but we’re gonna walk and
continue to give you a little quick little tours going on music
blaring that’s the way I like it your hardcore gym the infamous legroom that shoot every
pro is done here top npc guys done legs I know it ain’t that big but guess what
who cares yeah get the work done more people want to work nice and early in
the morning before the event the gym have these big-boy weights 200
210 you Oh a couple tips I have for you is one
make sure you warm up and one of the things that I like to do as a warm up is
pretend I’m laying down on the bench all right right now let’s and I have like
three pounds off else in my hands and what I do is I just go in a circle
come around and right about here I turn the hands back okay after about 2 sets for 10 to 12. I’m in this position laying down still. The gravity is pulling my hands back. I go up and down. That’s it and that how i warm up my shoulders. the first exercise that I do I wish I
was doing this 30 years ago I consider a warm up even though I’m training I don’t
know if i can use this term but “balls out” I don’t go little balls out on this exercise whatever I pick is more
for feel. Do I feel comfortable that day doing Hammer Shoulder Press, conventional sitting upright or chest on the pad. Do I feel okay doing a barbell press today? I don”t do barbell press too much unless I dragged it or press it against the power rack. I can’t balance the bar. I can’t go heavy. But I found that I should have done this earlier but using a shorter bars. A longer bar but too much tension on my shoulders. feel I get a regular short bar and loaded up like this pressing it dumbbell presses Smith machine other ways to do a shoulder press what I’d like to do is sometimes do 6 sets
on shoulders shoulder presses where I’m actually doing three different types of
shoulder presses I can do two sets of machine press like I’m getting to
Smith machine sometimes I change it up where I’m doing a two second static hold at the top and five second descend try that you’re not going to get many reps that way but you’re blowing the shoulders up. In a good way I like to do about anywhere from
nine to fifteen sets for shoulders depending on the day. I usually start my shoulder training the day after I train chest I don’t
ever do shoulders the day before chest bent over lateral whether it’s you’re on a bench or seated or conventional way you’re a puppet and there’s a string on
your elbows which I’m going to make it look like one
part by doing so you have your hands facing
each other palms faced each other or this way doesn’t matter whatever you feel
then do that I’m never one of saying it must be done certain way I’ve changed
my training you know I’ve done some where I didn’t do it the same way next
another trick that I do sometimes “they say” that shoulder presses
effect the front delt they say bent over dumbbell lateral effects the rear delt okay you
ever go to the gym just do 12-15 sets of one exercise? Just one! See how the exercise actually because let’s say you you need to know how to hard. That doesn’t mean more sets and reps. you got to make these reps hard. Do you have a five-second negative with a squeeze at the top? Do you have a five-second positive and negative? and you do want to just as much weight as I can under control and do strip sets. you 8-16 sets for arms like I said some people they would do biceps and just curl what I really like pause 5-6 sets it also depends on how dominant your muscle are. you you oh what a great day for an event you
know it’s raining over here but inside the energy that’s see some old friends
better connected some people learned a lot as usual I also got to give some
food away to a great worthy cause so everybody on to our next adventure
video whatever we do and I’m out