Hi my name is Dr. Scott Hoar and today we’re
going to be going over a quick exercise that you can do to keep iliotibial band syndrome
away. That’s that pain on the outside of your knee. It’s very very common in runners. What
we’re going to have Jenn do today is she’s going to get in a kneeling position. Just
like so. The problem with Iliotibial band syndrome is when you’re running there’s too
much wiggle in your knee. In this manner. What she’s going to do i practice keeping
her knee just slightly to the outside of her foot. And I’m going to have her upper body go through
a flexion maneuver and an extension maneuver. And it’s going to look like this.
She reaches up and back and kind of twists. And then goes forward and almost drags her
hand on the floor and she goes back and forth. All while keeping this knee nice and quiet
and stable while going through the movements. This is a way to get about 2/3 of your body
weight into a position where you need to stabilize it but you can actually control it.
It’s much easier to do then a more complicated exercise like single leg squats or other more
complicated exercises. From this angle you can see as she does this
chop and lift maneuver that she’s not overly extended. If her right foot was too far forward
then she’d be stretching out her hip flexors. We don’t want to stretch out the hip flexors.
We want her core and her hips to be stabilizing this movement.
So this is a great way to keep iliotibial band syndrome away from runners and people
that get that pain on the outside of their knee.
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